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This weekend I was included in a piece on Martha Stewart that outlines how to choose the best curtains for your bedroom!! I’m so excited to be among the other ladies that were included. Knowing that people want my opinion on something I’m so passionate about is surreal! So many people have trouble choosing fabrics, especially for their curtains. There are so many different routes you can go, you just need to decide the look and functionality you’re going for!

*Click HERE to read the article in Martha Stewart!*

I think the article did an amazing job of piecing together how to choose curtains that are perfect for you - but also thought it would be fun to give some of my other advice that didn’t make it in! Here are a few other pieces of advice I would give if you’re struggling to choose the best curtains for your bedroom:

Choosing Your Fabrics

I tend to choose curtain fabrics based on the style I'm looking to add into a room. Each fabric type really has its own personality, so they're important to note when adding them to a space. Linen fabrics give off a much more inviting and comfortable feel whereas silks and velvets add a note of formality and luxury. If you're looking for your bedroom to be an escape from reality, I tend to go with linen curtains! For a more formal look and feel, I would go with a velvet or a silk. When it comes to any type of fabric, they all have pros and cons - it just depends on which fabric makes the most sense for your look and functionality. Linen is great because it holds up in direct sunlight and is a natural insect repellent, but it can crease easily if not kept up with. Velvet locks out the cold and moisture, especially in the winter time, but may accumulate the dust it is keeping from getting into the room. Silk is wrinkle and crush resistant, but it shows wear and tear very easily. It will show water and UV ray damages faster than the others. 

Adding In Color

The biggest element to consider when choosing colored curtains in your bedroom is whether they play well with the other colors in your space! I generally think of color compatibility by categorizing them into warm or cool-toned colors. In most cases, cool-toned colors often pair well with other cool-toned colors, and vice versa. If you're looking to go bold, add a pop of color and some tape, tassels, or pom poms!! If you're not looking to draw too much attention to them, go with a more subtle color that is outside of the usual neutrals to still make them unique.  

Hardware And Functionality 

When choosing hardware for your curtains, it's important to take width and weight into consideration. I like to choose a thicker rod because it can hold the weight of any fabric and gives off an overall more elevated look. I make sure the curtain rods are about three to six inches longer than the width of the window frame on each side because it elongates the space. Add a fun brass or acrylic rod to for an unexpected element of fun on a usually boring but important aspect of the drapery!

If your ceilings are low, installing your curtains about six inches above the top of your window frame and all the way to the floor will add a ton of height to the space! If you're someone who doesn't like the mixed metal look, make sure you take the other metals into account when choosing your curtain rod. I feel that choosing whether or not you go with blackout curtains is a very personal preference. I would recommend adding blackout curtains in rooms for small children or people who cannot sleep with light in the room. You can always add a roman blackout shade to go behind your curtains if you're still wanting your curtains to have a light and airy feel!

As always, I hope this helped you feel more confident when choosing the right curtains for the look and feel for your space! I would love to answer any more questions if you have any. DM or comment on our Instagram/Facebook @MegMade, and I'll do my best to give you some recommendations! 

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