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Happy Valentine's Day! It's crazy to think almost 13 years ago Joe and I fell in love and spent our first Valentine's Day together. Isn't it crazy how one decision can change the rest of the path for your life? Especially on Valentine's Day, so many people talk about love. Who doesn't love love?! When you've been in a marriage for the long haul, the important thing to pay attention to is commitment. Today Joe and i wanted to share what commitment means to us, and why commitment is what will lead us through for better or for worse. 

Romance Is Fleeting 

In every relationship, romance can be fleeting. It's so important to always keep those romantic moments alive, but there will be times where your commitment to each other will guide you further than romance. 

Love vs. Infatuation 

Especially in the beginning of a relationship, it's hard to decide if you're in love or if you're infatuated with the idea of being in love with that person. True love comes with commitment. Infatuation comes with the love of the good parts of a person or the idea of what you can make them to be. 


Being in love with someone means you cherish qualities about a person and are attracted to them for those reasons. Commitment means you love someone for their redeeming qualities and in spite of their idiosyncrasies. "In spite of the flaws you've vulnerably shown me, I'm choosing to stick by your side."

It's A Two Way Street 

Just like love, commitment is a two way street. Actually, it's like a tandem bicycle -- it requires two active participants to make it work. If one person in the relationship isn't committed, it makes it very difficult to keep the journey going! 
Once again, Joe and I want to wish y'all a happy Valentine's Day! May it be filled with lots of love and a newfound promise of commitment to the ones you love. Like this blog? Check out our other blogs like 10 TIPS TO MAKE A MARRIAGE LAST, FROM MEG'S PARENTS FOR THEIR 50 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Click HERE to read! 

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