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If you haven't heard, this whole week through Monday (Memorial Day) is MegMade's biggest sale of the year. We're doing 25 percent off custom upholstery, 15 percent off custom vintage pieces and 20 percent off everything else such as lighting, rugs, etc. In honor of the sale, I thought it would be super fun to design a bedroom and show how right now you can create a room like no other at an awesome discount!! Here's a sample room I came up with:  
Bed: This bed is one of my favorites that we carry - it's great for a simple yet elegant design. It's originally $2,099 for a king, but with a 20 percent off discount it comes out to $1,679.20, which makes a huge difference! Click HERE to shop our sled bed!
Bed Sheets: Y'all - these seriously feel like you're sleeping on a cloud. Almost everyone who works at MegMade has them & we're obsessed! For the duvet and pillow shams they're originally $220, but with our Memorial Day Sale discount they're $176! Click HERE to shop!
Rug: This rug is one a fan favorite - and for good reason!! It's already so affordable, and for the sale it's an extra 20 percent off. I would say the most common rug size for a bedroom would be an 8x10 - which is originally priced at $363 but with 20 percent off through Monday it's only $290.40. Click HERE to shop the Edinburgh!
Nightstands: These nightstands are gorgeous and with such a simple design, that would work in any space. They came to us in white, but for this design, we thought our in-house color Spade would look amazing! It's one of our "colorful neutrals" that I just absolutely love. They're originally $1,200 for the pair, which includes the painting and restoration process, but with the sale it would be $1,020 to have these transformed. Click HERE to shop these nightstands. 
Wall Sconces: Sconces are awesome additions to any bedroom design because they allow for so much more space on your nightstands without having to sacrifice light! Our Ariel Black Metal Sconces are perfect for this bedroom. They tie in with the bench and add the perfect amount of detail above the simple design of the nightstands. An Ariel sconce is usually $355 each, but they're 20 percent off with the sale, which comes out to $284 each. Click HERE to shop the Ariel Black Metal Sconces. 
Bench: I love adding additional seating at the end of the bed, and our Beaumont Bench is the perfect size and length! The leather adds some texture and style to the space. The original price of the Beaumont is $1000, but with an additional 20 percent off it comes out to $800. Click HERE to shop! 
Chandelier: The Tilda Chandelier is one of my favorites - it's the one I have in my bedroom. I love that it adds so much elegance to a room, but it can be dressed up or down!! It comes in a bigger size too for those who want it for a space like your entryway. The smaller chandelier is originally $1,925 - but with the sale it's $1,540 - almost $400 off! Click HERE to shop the Tilda. 
Dresser: Hepplewhite dressers are timeless and look great in almost any space! For this design, I think restoring and re-staining its original wood would look amazing to bring out some of the tones of the rug. For a re-stain on this piece it's original cost would be $1,955 but with an additional 15 percent off it would come out to $1,662. Click HERE to shop this piece on the board or click HERE to shop our dresser inventory. 
Art: Our Green Swirl artwork is one of my absolute favorites. We actually have a painting very similar to it in our house that we recreated in a different color! Its original price is $923, but with 20 percent off it comes out to be $738.40!! Click HERE to shop the Green Swirl!.
Paint Color: For this room, I went with one of my go-tos Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee. You've probably seen me say this before, but Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee, Calm, Cotton Balls, Chantilly Lace and White Dove are the five white paint colors that I always tell people to swatch on their walls. The lighting in each family's home makes such a difference -- in one home Swiss Coffee could look perfect and the other it takes on a more yellow undertone! 

Original Price For The MegMade Bedroom: $10,395

Memorial Day Sale Price For The MegMade Bedroom: $8,474

As you can see, shopping this week during our sale can make a big difference and stretch your budget a long way! Stop in store or email us at hello@megmade.com before Monday night with any questions and we'd be happy to help you out! We'll be showcasing some of our other awesome pieces on our Instagram and Facebook stories, so follow us @Megmade to be the first to see our new inventory and style tips! 

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