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Here to share that ALL our paint colors have been restocked! We are so so so excited that we're sharing this new venture with you all. We truly worked so hard and so long to make this happen, and it just feels like a dream - still to this day! WE HAVE A PAINT LINE! I seriously, can't believe it. 

We've been selling the paint so well in the store and online, that we had to do a restock of it! You guys are just seriously the best. This paint is so durable, so easy-to-use, so safe for the kiddos and family to use together, and it's so versatile. Seriously, if you need to paint ANYTHING, this paint will work! 

And we got all our colors in now with a full restock! So come into our store, or shop online, and get on painting! 


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  • Love what you guys are doing.

    Elizabeth Miller

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