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The holidays will be here before you know it! Here at MegMade, we've stocked up on cute holiday gift ideas for you and your loved ones to enjoy! All of our accessories and art can be shipped directly to your home. If you're looking to purchase a custom piece for the holidays, we would be happy to send you the details and photos of your piece to show on whatever holiday/s you choose to celebrate! We're also offering complimentary gift wrapping for all online orders and in-store orders with 24 hours notice. Just put it in the notes at checkout!

Here are a few of our MegMade products that I think would be the perfect gifts:


Wall Mounts

These wall mounts are flying off the shelves, y'all! Our wall mounts are perfect for adding a fun touch of decor. Everyone on our team has a favorite! This would be the perfect gift for someone looking to personalize their living space because they add so much character! I love these guys either hung up on the wall or leaned against art or other decor. These would go great in a reading nook or within the shelving decor in your living room. 

Dish Stands

Our fox and hare dish stands are another customer favorite. These guys are so unique, and they work anywhere! You can incorporate these on your dining room table with dried nuts, in your entryway to hold your keys, or even in your living room with some moss! They are great for tying in brass or metal accessories you have throughout your home, and their detail gives them so much character. 


I love giving thoughtful plants or flowers with the perfect pot as gifts because it's something that they'll have forever! I'm in the mindset that the best gifts are things that someone might not think to buy themselves, and decor pots are just one of those things! Adding greenery to your decor can make a room feel so much more natural and full of life, and a planter that fits the home's style and decor is the perfect way to bring it all together. 


Artwork is so personal and can be one of the most thoughtful gifts out there! A piece of art that someone connects with will stay with a person no matter where life takes them. It's such an easy way to show your personality and style. This year we not only have artwork that will complete any space in a room, but one that was made one-of-a-kind here at MegMade! Our au pair, Yaha, took up painting as a way to escape from our crazy reality that was 2020. What started as painting color-by-numbers formed into a passion for creating works of art, and now she has grown into one of the best artists I know! We sell her art at an amazing price point, and her story of finding herself through her artistic journey is so special. Click HERE to shop the rest of Yaha's art collection. 


Custom Pillows

Good pillows are something you don't know you need until you have them! The amazing thing about this gift is that you can make it to completely fit their taste. We have hundreds of fabrics and patterns to choose from that can fit into any room or living area! Quality pillows for places like the living room couch are that perfect touch to give the furniture an elevated, more expensive look. I'm big on going bold and fun with your throw pillows. Adding a fun pattern or texture can really provide a nice contrast to the sofa. Custom pillows are another great way to tie the different tones of the room together in a way that looks effortless. For this gift, price ranges depending on the fabric and size you want to go for. If you want to know more, email hello@megmade.com with what you're thinking and we can send you over a quote!

Deer Rings

I talked about these deer rings a few blogs ago, but that's because they're the real deal! These deer rings are the perfect throw in for anyone who loves elevating their decor. These napkin rings look perfect with any style of cloth napkin to take your tableware to the next level. They're in stock now, but they go fast!! 

Candle Holders

ESPECIALLY in the winter, who doesn't love a good candle?! I love having candles all around my house. It makes my home feel and smell so much more peaceful and relaxed, but sometimes the look of the best smelling candles completely disrupt the decor in my room. That's why candle holders are such a game changer. I love carrying fun candle holders at MegMade because of the dual functionality they can serve. Candlestick holders are equally as fun because they add height to a space and serve as such great ambiance. If you're looking to get a friend or loved one something small but thoughtful, these are the way to go! 

Custom Furniture  

Quality furniture can be passed down for years to come. If you're looking to invest in furniture for your loved ones, custom furniture is SO worth it. You're truly getting exactly what you pay for and more. MegMade appreciates the legacy of furniture, and being able to have furniture with character and history that can be transformed to fit your style and personality is so rewarding to us! We do both customer owned pieces or unfinished pieces from our own inventory. Although we are not guaranteeing these custom pieces to be finished by the holidays, this is such an amazing investment to make for someone, especially new homeowners. We've truly done it all, so we're happy to send over photos of similar pieces, colors, and finishes in order for you to show off what the piece will look like once we work our magic. 

We'd love to be a part of your gift giving experience! If you need help choosing the perfect gift, feel free to call us at 312.636.3583 or email us at hello@megmade.com. We'd be happy to help! Show us all things that put you in the holiday spirit by tagging us @MegMade on Instagram and Facebook! 

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