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Fall is coming -- which means tons of new styles and products to try out for the new season. 

​As the boys are getting older, I finally feel like I'm at the point where I can do things for myself again. I've been getting into trying out new products and finding my favorites. 😊Plus, being filmed everyday really makes you want to find the best products that work for you! 

Keep reading to see my favorite products of the moment, why I love them and where you can get them yourself! I'll break them down into three categories: Beauty, Clothes and (of course) Home Design!



When it comes to my lashes, I have seriously tried it all. For a while I was getting eyelash extensions, but with filming they were just so much to keep up with because they constantly had to look like they had just gotten done. I've tried multiple eyelash serums that have dried my eyes out, but I FINALLY found one that works for me. The brand is called RevitaLash and the product is called the RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner And Serum. Click HERE to shop the product! 

Laura Mercier Eye Shadow Stick

I have to admit, one the six months of filming I have learned more about makeup than ever, and I love products that are quick and easy to use! Especially when I'm trying to get ready with my boys around, I have a very short window of time before they're calling for me!! I love these eye shadow sticks by Laura Mercier because it has such an easy application and adds that little extra touch of color to make me feel like I really did my makeup for the day. They have a ton of colors to choose from, and I think at this point I think I want one in every color. Click HERE to shop! 

Benefit Bronzer 

I am OBSESSED with my Benefit bronzer -- it's one of those things that you started using years ago and always stick to. Your old faithful! I use the Hoola Matte Bronzer in the shade Hoola. Click HERE to shop! 

Neon French Tips 

I love getting my nails done -- it's one of those non-negotiable for me that allows me to have an hour to myself where I can't be on my phone (even though sometimes I still have to find a way)! This time around I did a neon yellow French tip and I am in LOVE. I love color, but I wouldn't usually choose a color so bold to go on my nails. The fact that it's French tip adds that little bit of bold color without being over powering! Next time your going to get your nails done -- try it! 

Crese Pelo

This hair care system I actually heard about through my hair dresser -- she swears by it! I've done it for about a week now and I can ALREADY tell a huge different in my hair. The best part? It's only $22.50!! I will say the packaging looks a little bit like it's bug spray, but they're seriously the best products ever. Click HERE to shop! 



I feel like I've never fallen out of love with camo -- it's always been a pattern I love to wear. That's why I'm SO excited to see that it's coming back this fall season! I think I have the pattern in almost every article of clothing under the sun: Jackets, joggers, leggings, t-shirts, you name it! I'll add a few photos with links so you can get some ideas for which to shop! 

*Click photo to shop!*



Shackets are a new thing I'm trying out this fall, but I got my hands on one and I'm totally in love! I'm not usually into the oversized look, but there's something about these things that no one can resist! They're incredibly comfy and come in so many different patterns and colors you're bound to find one you love. I'll link a few of my favorites that I've seen below! 

*Click photos to shop* 


Lifestyle Sneakers 

I love dressing up and looking nice, but with filming I feel like I'm constantly running around like a mad woman! I need shoes that look cute but are also super comfortable. I've been so into lifestyle sneakers lately -- they come in so many styles and colors and are the perfect thing to slip on with ANY outfit to give it a fun look. I'll link a few of my favorite pairs below! 

*Click photos to shop*


Layering Pattern And Colors 

Many people don't know this, but clothing was my first creative outlet. My creativity really started by me being able to express myself and my vision through my personal style. I actually was a stylist for a short time before meeting Joe! I fell in love with mixing patterns and styles through clothing, which translated into my love for expressing myself through home design. That's why I still love the process of layering pattern and colors not only through the way I design homes but through the clothes I wear as well! I think Anthropologie does an amazing job of creating interest in their clothing by using the layering technic! 

Head Scarves 

Head scarves have always come in waves for me. I'll wear them consistently (mostly as a headband look) and then sort of forget about them for a period of time until I remember I have them and go through the same cycle. Right now I'm SO into them again, which is fun because I can definitely see them coming back in the next year. I just roll them all the way up and tie them at the nape of my neck. An easy way to take the bun that you just threw up to get the hair out of your face to the next level! Click the photo below to shop!

Those are all the things I'm loving at the moment! As fall approaches, I love the fall fashion and trends and can't wait to get cozy this next season. Comment on our Instagram and Facebook @Megmade and tell us what your favorite products of the moment are! I'm ALWAYS up for some good product recommendations.

Home Design 

Floral Wallpaper 

We all know I'm a huge fan of wallpaper -- it's basically a big piece of art throughout your space! Lately I have been loving floral prints. Floral prints have come such a long way since the stuff you used to see in your grandmother's house (even though granny-chic IS back in)! I would add a floral print ANYWHERE in the house, but I especially love going with a floral print in a little girl's nursery because she can grow up with it! It's sweet but not babyish -- so she won't grow out of it once she gets older!

*Click photo to shop*


Mixing Vintage With New Decor

Adding in pieces from the past adds so much personality and character to any space! You can find awesome vintage decor wherever you go -- at vintage furniture shops, estate sales, or even in your parent's basement (remember all those old trinkets you thought were going to sit and collect dust?) Joe and I have been to just about every vintage shop in the Chicagoland area -- they all know us by now!! The key is to not rush it, finding pieces you love and want to add to your space takes time! 

Source: MegMade Instagram

Cozy Fabrics 

As Summer is coming to a close, it's the perfect time to switch gears towards adding cozy fabrics. I love adding elements of coziness throughout the home at all times of the year. I think it makes a house feel more comforting and truly like your "home"! Cozy fabrics include cottons, linens, sherpas, etc. Especially in warmer tones of whites, browns, and blues. 

Earth Tones With Hints Of Neon 

I've always loved earth tones -- especially deep greens and browns. Lately I've discovered the idea of combining earth tones with a hint of neon yellow or orange. I think it plays up a space and creates an interesting contract between calm and bold, which is what I'm all about! 

Layers Of Pattern And Color 

One of my absolute favorite aspects of design is laying pattern and color in a space. I always say that lots of layering is a sign of a good design! The fun part about it is that it allows you to be super creative and requires you to really think about what makes sense (or be bold and mix what you might at first think doesn't)! I love adding layers of pattern and color through throw pillows, wallpaper, decor, etc. 

Source: MegMade Instagram

Bringing Outdoors In 

I always say that a room won't come to life until you bring life into it! As were adding the finishing touches into any space I am always looking to bring the outdoors in, whether that's flowers or plants. 

Source: Hannen's Instagram

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