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Having a good mirror is almost like having a secret weapon when it comes to designing a space for your home. It can add drama, light, color, create interesting reflections and framing - seriously, a mirror does it all! I love adding mirrors as the finishing touch to almost all my designs. Not only are they functional (yes, we need to make sure we don't have anything stuck in our teeth before we leave the house), but they're also awesome tools in your arsenal for so many other reasons. Here are the five main reasons why mirrors are a MUST:

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To Brighten A Room 

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Place a mirror opposite of or right next to the window in your space to maximize the brightness in a room. They can pretty much double the original light in a space if you put them in the right location, and that's different for each space! Look at where the direct sunlight hits your room during the times you use that space the most and place your mirror there. Remember - the bigger the mirror the brighter the space. 

To Illuminate Dark Corners 

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For rooms that are completely lacking direct sunlight, mirrors can still be a quick fix! Put a mirror behind your table lamp or any source of artificial lighting to still maximize the amount of light in your room. 

To Make A Room Feel Bigger

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Not only do mirrors help provide a brighter, airier look, they also can give off the illusion of a bigger space. Mirrors are essential, especially in smaller spaces to maximize the look and feel. I usually recommend putting your mirrors on the back wall of a room to make the room appear longer than it actually is.  

To Elevate A Room 

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Yes, mirrors have some technical reasons why they need to be included into a design, but I would add them in either way! A beautifully designed mirror can completely elevate and round out an overall look for the space. Mirrors are one of those things that you'll take wherever you move, so it might be a place to splurge a little bit when it comes to what's worth buying quality. 

Mirrors Group Well To Be Used As Decor 

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If one mirror can elevate, brighten, and lengthen a room - imagine what a whole wall can do! This photo was from one of our past houses, and I can't even tell you how much I miss it. Adding a grouping of mirrors as decor completely maximizes your space and gives such an elegant feel to any room if you do it right. It's the same thing as a gallery wall of art - use different shapes, sizes, and textures & you'll be good to go!

Now that you know why mirrors are a must, here are some of my favorite MegMade mirrors to include in your home:

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I hope this blog made you just as excited about mirrors as we are!! They're truly a staple in almost every room design, so if you're needing inspiration - we can help! I would love to see how you styled your mirrors in your space. Tag us on Instagram and Facebook @Megmade and use the hashtag #findthegold to represent how you found the gold in your mirror designs!

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