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Fall is officially here! As the weather cools down, I love switching up my style and incorporating new colors into my home. Well, If I'm being honest, I like using fall colors all year round! They're the perfect way to add a new element to your home!
Fall is one of my favorite seasons in Chicago. Seeing the leaves change reminds me how quickly things in life can change from green to gold. It's an awesome metaphor to keep going! This year is a little bit different though, because this is my first fall since our in-house colors have gone live! Of course, we've created some shades inspired by the season, and I have some awesome ways to incorporate them into your home. 
                                                                                                                                    Let's get into it! Here are my five favorites for this fall:
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MegMade - Earl Green 

I have been SO into this color lately! It's truly the perfect way to add uniqueness to a home, but it also blends so well with whatever space you bring it into. Earl Green adds so much character, and, if you're looking for something different, it can be the perfect alternative to a basic brown or wood finish. Pair it with gold hardware and decor to REALLY bring out the underlying tones of the paint. Incorporating a living room chair or dining room buffet in this color would look amazing. Guys, if you're thinking of adding some year-round fall vibes to your home, start with Earl Green! 

 MegMade - Flyer Red 

It's time to step out of your comfort zone and incorporate Flyer Red into your life! It might be scary, but I'm telling you, it could be just what you need! There is so much you can do with a color like this to liven up your home. It looks AMAZING on furniture, so add it to your entryway console or on your kids' bedroom dresser! You can really change up the style of the piece by the way you choose to finish it.  If you're looking to add this amazing color in a smaller way, try it out with a slipper chair in your living room or a picture frame above your entryway console. If you're not completely sold on this color like I am, incorporate it through home decor. Paint over old decor pieces like bowls, vases, really anything! Our MegMade paint collection is amazing because it goes over previous paint very nicely, so if it doesn't fit your style, you can always paint over it with another shade! 

MegMade - Dusty Pink  

I love incorporating dusty pink into a home through accents and fun furniture. It can really fit anywhere throughout your home, and serves as a great way to break up a darker room and create contrast within a space. I would incorporate it into rooms with darker green and blues using decor, slipper chairs, or an armoire. Subtle colors are just as important as bold colors because they really finish a space while allowing the bolder colors to shine.

MegMade - Adler Orange 

If you're thinking about freshening up a bedroom, dining room, or entryway, Adler Orange is a super fun, playful color to try out! We just recently finished a dresser in my sons room and WOW. This color really serves as a focal point for a room and can tie an overall look together. Adler Orange is one of those colors that elevates a room without washing the rest of the decor out. Play up the grain within your piece with a matte finish or add a high-glass finish for a bigger pop. 

MegMade - Louie Brown 

Once you've livened up your space with some fun colors, use Louie Brown to tie it all together! This color is all-encompassing, and I love using it in homes that are looking for an alternative to stained wood. It's perfect for a classic bookshelf, media console, or side table. Even if you're just looking to revamp your furniture with a dark wood look with a matte finish, our MegMade paint is a game changer. No prime required!

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