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​During these times especially, creating a curated home office is more important than ever. The trick is to make it a space where you're able to balance the feeling of comfort from your own home with the focus of a company office. If you can't tell from our Instagram, I've been loving moody offices with built-ins, so that's what we made! Without further ado, here is our home office:





Paint Color: We went with Benjamin Moore Chimichurri for our walls, built-ins and ceiling, and it couldn't have turned out better! For this room especially, I wanted a paint color that was calming yet energizing, and I think Chimichurri is the perfect mix of the two. 

Built-ins: We added these built-ins to the back wall by buying cabinets from Ikea and having our local contractor contract the rest! I had an idea in my head of what the layout would be, and he brought it to life! Click HERE to shop the storage cabinets we used for the bottom of our built-ins. 

Desk: This desk was from Alder and Tweed, and is, unfortunately, no longer available. However, we have some great vintage desks in stock! Click HERE to shop! I always warn people that vintage desks are sometimes a lot smaller than the ones we may be typically used to. If you're looking for something similar in size to mine, send us an email at hello@megmade.com and we can help you look for some options from some of our other vendors! 

Desk Chair: I love these chairs so much that they're called the Piercy on our website! This style is perfect for a desk chair, but they also can be used as counter or bar stools (a taller version is also on the website)! Click HERE to shop!

Light Fixture: This light fixture is one of my absolute favorites - I knew I had to include it somewhere in our new home, and the office was the perfect place! It's our Snow Flake Antique Brass chandelier, and it just adds that extra element to your space that elevates the entire area. We actually had it in the family room at our last house as well! Click HERE to shop our Snow Flake chandelier!

Rug: This rug is one of our all-time favorites. It's the Edinburgh Power-Loomed Rug, and I think I would add it to every single room in my house if I could. It's low pile and polyester, so it's the perfect rug for high traffic areas in your home. Click HERE to shop the Edinburgh!

Cork Board: I knew when I was creating this office that I needed somewhere that I could bring my designs to life. I got this cork board off of Etsy and love to use it as a place to put my inspirations, new fabric I'm loving, etc.  

Baskets: Aren't these baskets adorable?! In all reality, we needed a ton of storage in this room to keep all of our papers, random items all the other stuff that comes with having kids and being a working mom hidden to keep this room looking nice and semi-organized, and between the cabinets and these baskets it's perfect! They're from Ikea, and they're still available! Click HERE to shop. 

Accessories: If you know me, you know that no design is ever complete without some of accessories. We've recently started selling more accessories in-store, and I think I have at least one of everything somewhere in my house. I'll link them all! Black Marble Tibby Bowl (click HERE), Louie The Mouse Metal Wall Mount (click HERE), Ginny Bubble Textured Ceramic Pot Large (Click HERE), Cacti Ceramic Spiked Pot Medium (Click HERE), Harry The Hare Metal Dishstand (Click HERE).

Chair: When designing this office, I created a reading nook that I'm obsessed with. A big part of that is because of the Brooke chair that we had custom made from Rowe. These chair are no joke y'all. If you're looking for a quality chair that will last you forever, we can help you out! The fun thing with these chair is that you can pick from a ton of fabrics, so you'll be able to curate a chair that fits perfectly with the rest of your space. Click HERE to shop the Brooke! 

Side Table: This side table is one that we brought from house to house and used in all different types of rooms! It's from a company called Wrightwood Furniture, which is unfortunately out of business. If you're on the hunt for a side table, click HERE to shop our website inventory. 

Floor Lamp: We got this floor lamp from a resale shop called Mercantile M. When we bought it, it had a huge shade on it that really took over the room. After cleaning it up a bit, taking off the shade and adding an oversized bulb it's as good as new! I love incorporating unique pieces throughout my spaces. The truth is, with a little bit of creativity, most of the time these pieces add the most character and end up looking better than anything else you could have bought brand new! 

Start With Yes Art: We got this amazing art piece from School House - they have the best prints! Click HERE to shop my Start With Yes art!

Matte Framed Photo Of Dog: I love this piece of art so much, and we actually used to sell it! Unfortunately, it is no longer available. If you're on the hunt for some fun wall decor that will look great in your space, click HERE to shop our website inventory!

Woman Painting: This piece is one that we've had for a while. The amazing thing about art is that sometimes it feels like an investment, but you'll be able to bring it from house to house. That's exactly what we did here! This painting was a Kate Spade piece that is unfortunately no longer available. 

For Like Ever Art:  This piece of art is from a website called Super Rural. They have this print in a ton of different looks and colors - if you're interested in getting one similar, click HERE for a link to their website!

Chair Throw Pillow: I LOVE going with custom pillows. They completely elevate a room, especially because you're able to perfectly curate them to complement the rest of your design. I think they add the perfect amount of texture and complementary color and pattern to the room. If you're interested in creating custom pillows, contact us! 

We hope you love this design as much as we do! Have an office you need designed? We offer design packages! Click HERE to check out our different packages. We're always looking for fun inspirations, so if you have a fun office design, tag us on Instagram or Facebook @MegMade. We'd love to see them! 

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