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We're getting rid of all the 2020 negativity and starting fresh in the new year y'all - which might mean we need to get to those spaces in our home that we said we would redo over quarantine but didn't quite get to (don't worry, Joe and I did the same thing). The new year for me is always about having a fresh start and reflecting on what my goals are. With our semi-recent move, I really want to create a space that feels like home for the boys and I. There are so many things (big or small) that you can do to completely change the look and feeling of your home. 

Here are some tips and tricks to refresh your space for the new year:

Declutter and Reorganize

Source: The Container Store

It's so easy to collect things in your home throughout the year that don't actually add any value or serve any purpose, ESPECIALLY if you have kids.  A great way to refresh your home for the new year is to declutter and make every drawer and countertop feel intentional. It will make you feel more refreshed and ready to be productive in the new year. 

I love to start by going through all my items in a single area and getting rid of things I don't need. From there, I usually try to find some type of organizational tool or system that will allow me to find the items I need easily. The key is organizing in a system that you'll actually use so that things go back where they need to go. Only you know what will work for you and your family! This might mean a trip to The Container Store - which is always ok in my book. Click the photo to shop! 

Rearrange Your Furniture 

Source: MegMade Instagram

If you're bored with your space, sometimes rearranging your furniture is the solution to bring it back to life! I remember when I was younger I would ask my parents to move my room furniture all around my room about once a month, and nothing has changed!! Reconfiguring your room switches up how you usually use the space, which keeps you from your mindless routine of using it! 

Play Up Your Ceiling 

Source: W Design Collective Instagram

Make your space interesting by adding fun color or texture to the ceiling! Utilizing this design tactic will bring the eye up and give the illusion of a bigger space. It's also just such a fun way to show your style and spice up the look of your room! My recommendation would be to go with a darker grasscloth or paint with lighter walls or a fun patterned wallpaper and pull out a complement color from the paper to choose your wall color. 

Update Your Art

Source: MegMade Instagram 

If you're feeling like your updated space doesn't have the pop of fun you're looking for - add in some art! I love that art is able to be so personal - it's an amazing chance to show your style and make the space feel like yours. Each new piece can totally transform a room because the room takes on the character of the art piece! 

Spice Up Your Decor

Source: MegMade Instagram

Switching up your decor is one of the easiest ways to refresh without having to make big home renovation changes. Your style changes all the time - and that's ok! I switch some aspect of my home decor around probably once a week if I'm being honest, even just from room to room. Sometimes the key is to buy timeless pieces that will look good anywhere so you can reuse. Pairing different pieces together can give you a totally different overall look, and the nice thing is that you're not actually spending anymore extra money if you're switching your decor from room to room! I'm finally at the point where I feel like I have a good stock of decor in my house that I love, but I feel like so many people don't have enough. I'm biased, but if you feel like your home is lacking some of that extra flair, we recently started selling accessories and decor here at MegMade. Click HERE to shop our collection. 

Here are some of my favorite accessories that we sell: 

*Click each picture to shop*


Add Custom Pillows 

Source: MegMade Instagram 

Custom pillows are one of my favorite ways to add fun patterns and textures into a home. I'm not saying you have to switch them out for every season, but finding the right style that fits your taste can give your home the style and comfort you need! When your choosing your fabric, make sure you think about the different decor it will have to match with throughout the year and play up the designs to really showcase your style! In my opinion, custom pillows are really the cherry on top of a room design. They can really bring that last element you need to tie your entire room together - and they're so fun!!

Add Warmth To Your Home

Source: MegMade Instagram  

Incorporating candles around your home is not only a great way to cozy up your space but also adds great scents to boost your mood! The nice thing about candles are that they can fit into so many different spaces and can be incorporated in so many different ways. As we've talked about before, the key to great decor is to make everything look intentional. There are so many great candles that will look nice with the rest of your decor and smell great at the same time. 


I hope these tips and tricks helped inspire you! Refreshing your space every-so-often is one of the best way to give yourself a clean slate. I would love to see how you refreshed for the new year! Tag us on Instagram and/or Facebook @MegMade so I can see some pictures of the new look, and we'll feature you on our stories!

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