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Today I'm deep diving into all things sconces! Over the years I've learned some useful tips and tricks for how to hang your sconces, what shapes and sizes work best for each space in your home and which ones never get old! Sconces are awesome because they provide so much character and are super functional at the same time. Here are my tips for choosing sconces for each space in your home: 

Buffets/Entryway Consoles

I love the look of adding sconces to each side of a buffet -- especially in a dining room or entryway. It adds some extra light and elevates a space. I love hanging either a piece of artwork or a mirror in-between. 

Here are some measurements I recommend following:

Over A Buffet
At most 3 inches from the side/edge of each side of the buffet.
5-6 feet fro the floor.            
Over an Entryway Table 
8 - 10 feet away from each other.
5 - 6 feet from the floor.
Here are some of my favorite looks for over this space: 
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Adding sconces over your nightstands is another one of my go-tos. It saves you so much space compared to table lamps and it makes the space look super intentional. Plus, there are so many plug-in options that you can use -- no electrical work required! 

Here are some measurements I recommend following:

Center in the middle of each nightstand.
45 - 65 inches from floor to bottom of pendant.
Here are some that I love: 
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Place sconces on either side of your vanity mirror or right above! Sconces are the perfect lighting in a bathroom if you're wanting something more than just an overhead option. 

Here are some measurements I recommend following:

Single Sconce: 
Should be 3/4 of mirror width.
(Example: if the mirror is 36 inches wide, then light should be 27 inches wide).
Double Sconces:
No more than 3 inches away from the mirror on each side.
60 - 65 inches from floor to top of the pendant.
Here are some that I love: 
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I hope this blog helped you choose some sconces to create a home like no other! I love seeing the finished product of designs that fit with the personality and style of your family, so if you have some photos, send them my way on Instagram and Facebook @MegMade. 
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