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Since we’ve been waiting so long to tell you about some cool stuff that’s been in the works, I’m just jumping right into it…


We are so so so so excited this day is finally here. I seriously sometimes have to just pause a second and take it all in, because this is one of those milestones of growth for us and for our MegMade community. Just recently, I’ve been reminded that through all the hardship of these last few months to the situations we are put in and have to find a way out of – there can always be good on the other end. This is what our new paint line is for us!

Amy Howard has been and always will be somebody I look up too tremendously. She is my paint mentor, and since I’ve worked with her for years- it just means so much to me that we’re able to collaborate with her to do amazing things.

Many of you know that Amy Howard has a french provincial style when it comes to painting, which is gorgeous, and now, our MegMade Paint takes french provincial and puts clean finish spin on it. Our line has so many amazing colors that will be announced soon, but seriously, we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it! These colors are so incredible, are so fresh, are so clean, and the formula is perfect, extremely safe, and so easy to use, that you can literally paint over furniture, wallsand even over outdoor furniture cushions.

* The paint used on the piece in the photo is from our paint line!* Photo Credit: Centered by Design 

This feeling is actually surreal. It means so much to me because I feel like, we finally did it y’all. We actually did it. I mean we’ve done so much and we’ve grown MegMade from the ground up, but we’re now expanding our business in ways to make MegMade truly all-inclusive for homes and to have our own paint line with someone I’ve always admired, just, I’m speechless. We seriously did it.

Guys, Joe and I are just so excited for what’s to come, and we are so excited to share it with all of you. Sometimes it’s hard to admit that you’re proud of yourself, but if I can leave any message today – be proud of you, celebrate you because you’re doing great things! We truly are so proud, so thankful, so grateful, and we are so excited for what’s to come, yet so humbled and grounded by our perseverance our family, and our faith. We have a paint line y’all!! Things are coming full circle, and we can’t wait for MegMade to be truly an all-inclusive experience for your home.


Our paint line is now available in-store and will be available online shortly!

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