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Joe and I are dreamers. From the very beginning of MegMade and even the day we met, what connected us was the way we're able to believe and dream for big things. That really helps when you have a business! We're creative, we have fun together and we love what we do. The one thing we aren't the best at is being tied down to a new years resolution -- they're just so easy to veer from. Joe and I were talking on our long drive back to Indiana from visiting family for the holidays and a fire was re-ignited inside of with a word we want to carry throughout 2023: Freedom. I think having a word this year that can be a guiding light this year is the perfect way to not restrict but instead keep you on track for an overall way of life you want to live. We talked through some ways we want the word freedom to guide us and here's what we came up with. 

Freedom To Be Our Authentic Self 

It's so easy to not want to take photos for Instagram because you don't feel your best that day or post when you're having a hard time. When I think back on who I love seeing and hearing from the most it's the people that are their authentic selves! That means giving myself the freedom from judgement of myself, freedom from comparison to others or even where I was 5-10 years ago, freedom to not hold in emotions, etc. 

Financial Freedom 

Owning a business comes with a lot of risk and leaps of faith financially. Joe and I couldn't be more excited for our Indiana store location to open and continue to grow MegMade at both locations. Not that our dreams for MegMade are all about the financials, but Joe and I really want to be intentional this year about thinking through what makes sense financially for our family and business. 

Freedom To Be Our Best 

This past year has been an opportunity for so much learning and growth. Between running our Chicago location, renovating our Indiana location, being parents and everything in-between, we've let taking care of ourselves come in last place. This year we want to empower ourselves to remember that we have the FREEDOM to take care of our bodies, and we shouldn't take that for granted! Whether that's taking care of my skin, making time to move my body more throughout the day or even just making sure I take 10 minutes for myself throughout the day

The purpose of our word FREEDOM isn't to limit what we can do this year, but instead to empower us to do bigger and better things with the freedom to make mistakes, try things differently than we have before and give ourselves the grace to get off track but get right back on the next day! What's your word of 2023? Comment down below! 

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