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Did you know our MegMade Furniture Paint Line can paint more than furniture?! If you haven't heard yet, Joe and I came out with a DIY furniture paint line that takes out the hassle of priming or fully sanding a piece. Click HERE to check out our entire paint collection! 

Have an old lamp or mirror? Instead of throwing it out, try your hand at DIYing it and see how it turns out! I love this line of paint because it works on almost any surface. 

Check out our video tutorial and follow along, or keep reading for the five steps I took to refurbish my porcelain lamp with our DIY paint:

Step One: Clean Your Piece

The first step in the process is to clean your accessory really well. You want to make sure all the dust and grime is off in order to ensure the paint will fully adhere. Try to get all the cracks and crevices for a smoother finish. We sell a furniture and accessory cleaner at MegMade called Clean Slate. Click HERE to shop, but any cleaner without wax derivative will do! 

Step Two: Prep Your Paint 

Especially when I'm only using a small amount of paint, I like to pour it into a bowl for easier use. Add water to the mixture and stir it up for a smoother consistency. This will help your paint go on easier and prevent brush strokes from showing on your piece. 

Step Three: Start Painting!

Now it's time to paint! I would recommend using a cheap brush for this project. The nice thing about our DIY paint is that it dries quickly, so you can get the job done all in one sitting! However, since it dries so quickly, it will probably end up trying into the brushes, so there's no use ruining a good brush! 
Start with a light base layer and let that dry. Don't get discouraged if the first coat of paint doesn't look good. It will all come together once you add the second coat! It's important not to add too thick of a first layer, or it will take longer to dry. I waited about 15-20 minutes in between each coat. 

Step Four: Add Your Accents

Once my lamp was painted the way I liked it, I used gold Rub'n Buff to add some accent lines to the ridges my lamp. If you're going for a relaxed look, use a light hand and hold the back of the q tip or paint brush. This will give it a more natural look rather than it being super precise. 

Step Five: Enjoy

Now it's time to let everything dry & enjoy this brand new lamp in your home. I hope this helped inspire your next DIY project. Shop our furniture paint online or stop on in-store and we'll help you pick out the perfect color for you! If you've painted an accessory with our paint, tag us on Instagram and Facebook @MegMade and use our hashtag #findthegold to show how you found the gold in the piece and made it brand new!

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