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Starting your journey into creating a home you love is so exciting, but here at MegMade, we get that it can be overwhelming too! Before starting a project, we like to ask some questions to get your wheels turning and thinking through what you're really wanting out of your project! Here are some questions we ask when working with clients: 

What Do you use the space for most?

This is usually one of the first questions we ask! We see that lot's of families use their space for tons of purposes. Whether the front room is also where the kids do arts and crafts, the dining room also makeshifts as a space to do puzzles, etc., knowing this is great to keep in mind in order for the design to be completely curated to you and your family! This might mean we include extra storage, we use performance fabrics incase a marker slips -- we all know how kids and art projects can be! 

Do You have inspiration photos for us to reference?

In order to get to know you and your style, we often ask if our clients have inspiration photos that they're picturing for the space. It can help guide us to make your vision come true, while also veering a bit off the path in some places to make sure it fits your needs and adds your personality into the mix! 

Are there pieces in your space you are looking to keep?

This is great information to have at the beginning so we're able to see what you already have to work with and need to design around. For example, if you already have a dining table that has been passed down in your family or you bought a couch only a few years ago that you are looking to keep. One thing about us at MegMade is that we love to use the new and old! We work with what you already have and create a cohesive flow for the rest of the space. 

Do you have kids or pets to consider?

This question guides many of our decisions -- especially when it comes to colors and fabrics! As a mom of three boys, I understand how important it is for a couch fabric to stand the test of time. Buttery fingers, markers and all the other liquids that come with having kids are definitely things to think about when it comes to choosing the right one for you and your family. Animals also play a huge role in the fabrics you choose - especially cats! Loosely looped fabrics are especially important to stay away from as cats love to claw at them. 

Are there any colors or patterns you lean towards/away from?

This question is a great starting point in conjunction with getting your inspiration photos! Some people have an aversion to red in their home, whereas others LOVE jewel tones and want to use it everywhere. Another question to ask yourself: what patterns do you lean towards? Do you like more floral patterns or geometric? For a lot of people, these questions may not be something they've necessarily thought of before. In this instance, we are happy to show you a few different options and see what speaks to you! 

When would you like this project to be completed?

This is a great question to think through, as a lot of the time we have clients that are looking to get their home completed before a certain event, or date. For example, one of our current clients is hosting her son's wedding this summer, so she is looking for a full refresh before then! This can help us determine if we look for items that are in stock now or if we can go a little bit more custom if we have the time to wait! 

What is your budget?

It's fun to talk through all the fun things, but giving your home a refresh can be an investment! We always ask for our clients to have some sort of budget in mind. This helps us determine what we focus on, how we can get creative to make the home unique and/or how we can stretch a budget make the room feel finished! 

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