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Have friends who need design help? Refer a friend to our Meet With Meg Design Services and receive a $250 MegMade gift card! Even better? They'll get 10% off their entire order too! 

Below is more information about our Meet With Meg Design Services: 

The first step of the process is to give us the information that we'll need to get started on the process. Click HERE to see the form we send you/that's on our website to get started. We ask questions to get a better feel for the design elements you're looking for our help on, what your style is and what time you're available to meet. Within that form, you'll be asked to submit a $1,500 deposit. This locks in your spot and go directly back towards anything you purchase at MegMade (making it essentially a complimentary service!!). 

If you've already spent $1,500 or more at MegMade, you are eligible for our Meet With Meg Design services WITHOUT the required deposit. If this is you and you are interested in getting started, email us at design@megmade.com and we'll send you a form without the required deposit. 

Once we have the information we need to get started on the project. My designers and I will get started on creating a general floor plan to find what type and size of furniture best fits your space. Next, we create mood boards that matches the style you described as well as what compliments the character of your home. 

The great thing about our program is that we're able to source from multiple vendors with multiple different design styles. Our designers are versatile and can envision the perfect space for you. We also source from places outside of MegMade if it's the perfect fit for your space. We don't stick to just our store. In the case that that happens, we will send you a link to purchase it through their site! 

Once we prep for our meeting to discuss the boards, we will meet with you either in-person at the showroom you select or over Zoom. We have done design meetings for people all over the country, so don't let you not living in Chicago stop you! During our meeting, we'll talk through the floor plans and boards we've put together, show you fabric, paint, wallpaper samples (the list goes on!) and talk walk you through the process of transforming your space. After our meeting, we will send you a full broken down invoice of all the items we talked about so you're able to see each line item cost as well as the overall cost. 

Once you've had a moment to digest, email us with any changes you want to be made, and we can make it happen! Once we have finalized a design and purchased the pieces, we will walk you through the ordering process and keep you updated on when things should be arriving, coordinating delivery times to your home, etc. We are with you every step of the way! 

Need the link to refer your friends? Click HERE for more information or to send or to sign up yourself! 

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