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We talked about it before, but it's the month of LOVE y'all. Today specifically is such a special day to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. I've always felt like Valentine's Day - the whole month of February actually - was about so much more than just showing how much you love your significant other. This last year was a year of isolation for so many people, and in times like these, it's more important than ever to show ALL the people you love how much you care. Here at MegMade, we've always been about going the extra mile to show people kindness and love. Whether it's your immediate family, the friends that have kept you company on the phone during our months indoors, or the neighbor who always watches out for you - this is the month to show them how much you appreciate them!!
This Valentine's Day weekend we decided to do something a little extra special to help you go that extra mile for the people in your life. We're doing 15 percent off any custom items and 20 percent off the rest of the store here at MegMade through the end of 2/15!! We appreciate you all so much and how supportive you've been with our small business throughout the pandemic and craziness that this past year has been -- so we want to spread the love back to you guys! 
*Click HERE to shop our Love Month Gift Guide* 
If you haven't seen it already, I created a gift guide a week ago to highlight all my favorite MegMade pieces to buy that the people in your life will love. Check it out!! Within this past year, we've started selling such cute accessories and decor - I'm obsessed! 
Happy Valentine's Day!!! We couldn't have done this past year without you, and this is just a small way that we can think of to say how much we appreciate you! Today especially, we want to see how you're spreading the love. Tag us on Instagram and Facebook @Megmade and use our hashtag #findthegold to show us where you've struck gold with the amazing people in your life!!

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