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WE'RE MOVING - and we are so so so excited!! Being in quarantine the last couple of months actually made us not only realize a lot but question a lot of things about our home. I mean we love our home so much, and we put so much love and time into it, and we've not only grown our family but our business here too! But we've realized that we've outgrown it. And as scary as that can be, it's okay! Sometimes, when you realize you've outgrown something it's time to step away and start looking for something that fits YOU rather than making it fit. And that's where we are at!! 
Two of the main reasons why we're deciding to move is one being that we just need more space! And two, our three boys simply just thrive in a yard, and we want to have a space that's perfect for them. Nothing would make this momma prouder than providing a space for my boys that they so deserve. 
We love every ounce of this home. Our hearts went into the design, the interiors, the furniture - every part of us and the things we love are in this home. And we only hope for the family that will move in, that they share many many amazing memories and moments here, and they love it as much as we do. 
BUT DON'T WORRY - MEGMADE IS NOT MOVING! We're still having our Chicago storefront! This move is allowing us to do bigger and better things, and we are so so so excited to take on this next journey in our life as a family and even as a business! 
And some more exciting news - the house we are buying is a FIXER UPPER! Yes!!! So keep checking back because we are going BLOG CENTRAL STATION on this new move. We're talking updates, tutorials, DIY - everything moving into a new house-related, we're talking about it! And we're going to be real too. Moving is NOT easy, but it's completely worth it if it is what you want, and what you and your family NEED! 

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