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Thanksgiving will be here before you know it! If you're hosting this year, that might seem daunting, but don't let it be! There are so many ways to make your home look next-level for the holidays. The best advice I can give is to take a step back and enjoy your time on Thanksgiving, in whatever way that might be for you and your family during these weird times! I'm all for giving yourself grace, especially during the holidays. It's always fun to make your home feel beautiful. For me, it makes me feel put together and gives me a fun project to look forward to. If you need some inspiration for decorating your table for the holidays, here are some awesome ways to step up your game!

Plan Your Table Decor Beforehand 

The biggest way to take some stress off of your plate the day of is to plan ahead! It's the worst when you realize you've waited too long to order the decorations you want and have to result in whatever you can get your hands on at Target. (YES, it's happened to me before too.) Even just having a picture in your head can help you buy your decor ahead of time. I usually find a centerpiece I love and decorate the rest of the table in a way to tie it all together. For those of you who don't like to put decor together in your head, find an inspiration picture and recreate it! It doesn't have to be exact, but sticking with an overall theme can work wonders. Be sure to think about the food you'll be serving in order to incorporate the tableware you'll need into the spread. Of course, the most important part is the food, so make sure you save enough space for people to eat and enjoy! I know it's fun to add decorations once you get going, but don't overdo it! Sometimes a few nice pieces go a long way. 

Step Up Your Napkin Game

Decorative paper napkins are always fun, but if you want to go next level on your decor, think cloth napkins with napkin rings instead. Even just a simple, neutral cloth napkin with our Deer Metal Rings could be a fun way to incorporate decor that you can use for the rest of the year. Although it may sound silly, buying nice napkins and napkin rings are a great investment because you can use them for any occasion! They work for the holidays, dinner parties, or any occasion where you're feeling fancy. You can go as bold or neutral as you want with these - sometimes it's fun to play it up! Adding nice napkins and some placemats are such an easy way to transform a dull kitchen table into one that fits your style. 

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Use Decorative Bowls or Vases On The Table As Centerpieces 

A centerpiece is so important when planning out your decor because it's the focal point of the table. I love going with decorative bowls or vases to add some variety. This is usually the big ticket item that I'm willing to spend a little bit of money on, especially when you know you can use it throughout your house later on. If you're looking to buy a dual-use centerpiece, I recommend going for something timeless. If I had to go with a theme for this Thanksgiving that I would also love beyond the holiday, I think I would use our Antler Metal Decorative Bowl and incorporate our Antler Metal Accessories throughout the table for a sophisticated, winter look.  


Incorporate Candles

I think candles accentuate the amazing smells coming from the kitchen! Not only do candles make the room smell great, they also set the mood. Whether you decide on tea light candles or use taper candles to add some height, adding a few candles around the table will make your decorations look next level. If you're looking to go with our animal theme, the Farrah The Fox Metal Tea Light would be a great addition! 


Here are some other accessories that might fit your Thanksgiving style!

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The nice thing about buying Thanksgiving decorations once is that you can use them every year, so why not invest in some awesome pieces that you love?! It's even better when you can find ways to decorate the rest of your house with it as well. Here at MegMade, we're all about transforming a space and finding alternative uses for everything in your home! Hopefully you were able to get a better sense for how you plan to make your house feel like home for the holidays. We'd love to see how your Thanksgiving table turned out, and most of all, how you were able to celebrate it with your loved ones! Tag us in your pictures on Instagram or Facebook @MegMade, and we'll feature you on our page!

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