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I know guys, it has been a looooong time since we shared on the blog! I know we’re not alone when we say the last few months have been just sheer craziness. It’s been tough, y’all. It hasn’t been easy. As a family and as a person in general, we all have felt things we’ve never felt before and battled things that we never thought we would battle. As a society, we quickly went from living to survival mode, and day by day we continue to grow and fight back to a normalcy that we will soon find. It feels like time went so slowly, but now being in mid-June, I mean, time flew! And although everyone’s experience has been different, I hope that you are stronger now than ever, and we continue to pray for everyone’s safety and health.

We want our MegMade community to grow during this time. We are always about positivity, moving forward, and growing from whichever situation we are put in – and we want to share that all with you!

So getting back into our blog, we want to ease our way in with showing you some of the updates we’ve been doing around the store!


Coming out of the last few months, one thing we definitely wanted to do was replace some of the pieces in the front of the store! It’s like a fresh start y’all, and when you guys enter the store, we want you to be greeted by something fresh and new! Not only did we replace the main piece from a couch to this beautiful buffet, but the wallpaper changed from a yellow-based paper to this beautiful gray, bright, and light wallpaper! This wallpaper stands tall, for brighter and lighter days ahead!


We have these AMAZING shelving on our walls at MegMade, and with all the updates going on, we decided it is only necessary we update and showcase some of our products and wall art that we sell! Sometimes it as simple as showcasing some new items on your shelf, no matter if it’s in our store or at your home! Changing the features from season to season can actually make a huge difference if you’re someone who likes to change your decor often! Adding a new faux plant, some pillows, and a lot of high and low ceramics, helps us create this amazing vignette!


Is there actually even an update, if the furniture doesn’t get rearranged somehow? For those of you who like to change things up a bit, sometimes all it takes is moving some furniture around and meshing it with other pieces in your home to make a change, but without going too bold! Well, that’s what we’re doing at MegMade! Although we love to go bold – swapping some of our pieces out like the couch, the ottoman, and the rugs, and doing a simple, yet quick and easy swap like updating the wallpaper, is a change we made without having to go big with a statement or buying anything new!



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