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If you’re like me, you LOVE to do some refreshes in your house – and spring being around the corner – can you say newer and fresher days ahead? It’s during this time of year that my desire to makeover a room in my house is in full swing. I love to change the decor, the colors, the design, and sometimes even the furniture, to just keep everything feeling fresh and up to date.  But although I LOVE to give a little update here and there, sometimes, I just want a complete redo! And currently, I am wanting to completely redo our bathroom! But y’all, updating your bathroom can be expensive – and with someone who loves design, I just can’t do a total makeover that often. But listen, here at MegMade we’re all about bringing the past to life, and we keep that in mind with every makeover we do! If you are just dying for a bathroom makeover but don’t want to break the bank – today, we got some ideas that are easy, affordable, and can literally change your bathroom in a weekend!


The quickest and most efficient way to update your bathroom is to start with the walls! Whether you want to update the paint, or maybe go in with some pops of color or design with wallpaper, starting with the walls will instantly transform the space. Sometimes, all it takes is a new color palette, to make your room feel new, updated, and fresh! My favorite thing is to go in with some wallpaper that highlights the best colors in the space! There are so many amazing things you can do with wallpaper. Whether you just want to stay neutral and add some texture, or go a bit daring and add an elaborate design – whatever it is, wallpaper can be just the thing that your bathroom and you need!


It’s definitely not that easy to just do a complete makeover of your floor! Switching out the material can be costly, and it’s really not the easiest thing to do without a total reno! But, something you can do is paint the tile! Yes! There are so many great ways to go about doing this, and you can even go in with some stencils and give the tile a completely new look!


Y’all I cannot stress how important your vanity is for the whole aesthetic of the bathroom! The vanity can literally make or break the space. If your vanity needs some updating, definitely painting it or redoing it can be an option. But guys, you can get some incredible inexpensive vanities, that can be installed easily, and will transform the space without spending the thousands of dollars that a total reno can be! Sometimes, all it takes is an update to the furniture to make things seem new!


If your bathroom is missing something, maybe it’s time to add some decor in there! Whether you want to add some wall art, a small rug, some florals, candles, or even some lanterns… add some decor elements that you really love and that will help you enjoy the space that much more! Sometimes we forget to add decor to our bathrooms, but y’all, decor in the bathroom is just as important as decorating your bedroom! Why? Because it’s that place of relaxation, cleanliness, and more importantly, where you spend some alone time, so adding decor and things that you like is a must to making your bathroom seem complete!


If you have a curtain up but have a shower than can use some doors – go in and maybe try switching them out for glass doors! Again, although it may be pricier than a can of paint, this can be another element that completely transforms the space, without spending thousands! If that’s not an option, literally swapping out your shower curtain for something fresh and new, can be just the thing! Go on in and swap out the shower caddy, and anything else you may have in there too, to give it that brand new re-finished vibe! 


One of the most drastic things you can do to quickly change your bathroom is to go in with a new lighting fixture! Changing the lighting can literally change the entire aesthetic and overall vibe of the space. Although you may think you don’t see it often, the lighting fixture can be the one thing that’s making the room seem dated and boring! Because it’s not the first thing you normally look at, but subconsciously you do notice it,  try to go a bit daring with the new fixture, to make it pop!


Before you go in and redo your entire bathroom, maybe give yourself a refresh with a new shower head, a new faucet, and hardware for the bathroom! You would be so surprised how much this can actually make things seem more updated, and make you feel like you have a new bathroom! Whether it’s changing the nobs on the furniture or adding a towel rack to the wall, hardware matters! 

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