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Gold represents "all that is" - it's the symbol of beauty, healing, victory, and energy. It's all encompassing and can be found wherever you search for it. The saying "find the gold" has been in Joe and I's vocabulary for a LONG time. We've always searched for the gold in all people, places, and things. When we started this journey, we knew talking about the gold in each house and pieces we redid needed to be included in some way. 

People: Whether it's the employees we hire or the friends and family we surround ourselves with, we love seeing the good in people and the gold that we can bring out within each personality. It's so important to find the strengths within you and the people around you. 

Places: We find the gold within each space and home we design. We want to be the catalyst for charge, whether that's through beauty or the feeling you get when you walk into a room. A huge part of the show will be centered around us walking into each family's home and finding gold within the otherwise outdated space. Where most people might tear down and start over, Joe and I always look for the areas that we can bring out the charm and character in the old and make it new again! 

Things: We built this business off of finding the gold within each vintage piece and bringing it back to life. No matter how dilapidated an old dresser comes in, there's always beauty in the history of a vintage piece. We love keeping its original hardware or preserving the wood grain or detailing when transforming it into a brand new piece. The same goes for the pieces that we find in each family's home! Throughout the show we find gold in so many otherwise unwanted pieces of furniture and transform them to something completely brand new to fit the new look of each design. 

Whether it is the person standing in front of you, the place you are in or a piece of furniture you are bringing back to life, there is gold in everything around you. I truly believe there is treasure all around us, we just need to look for it. 

Because Season One of Renovation Goldmine is officially wrapped, we're having a wrap party here at the store! This Thursday, February 3rd, 2022, join us to celebrate! We'll be having some awesome vendors and LOTS of fun. Click HERE to register! 

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