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Over a year ago, one of the biggest blessings walked into our lives. Yaha is not only our au pair but a member of our family.  As this year has ensued, she has been a light to not only our boys but our entire family as a whole - & we're so grateful she can put up with our craziness!! 
Yaha is one of the most driven people I know. She's one of the most kind and compassionate people I know. Before coming to the United States, she was a practicing human rights attorney in Columbia, where she's originally from. She knew she would be able to help so many more families if she was proficient in English. She came to the United States & we got lucky enough to welcome her into the Piercy fam! 

​Yaha has an amazing story so much bigger than all of us. As we can probably all guess, not being with her family during these times has been tough on her. Colombia has been completely decimated by the effects of COVID-19, and so many of her loved ones have been affected by the pandemic. As a way to escape from our crazy reality that was 2020, Yaha took up painting as a hobby. What started as painting color-by-numbers formed into a passion for creating works of art. We have started selling her hand-painted prints online and in-store to raise money to help!
Here are some of our favorite pieces!:
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I love her artwork so much, and I love that so many people want to support Yaha and her story. It truly means the world to us. We'll be continuing to add new pieces she creates to the website under "Yaha's Art" - so keep a look out! If you purchase a painting, show it off and tag us on Instagram or Facebook @Megmade!  

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