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DECOR! Decor is the finishing touch to give a room that overall finish. It makes the entire room look intentional and can be another great place to showcase your style! That goes for bar carts, dressers, tallboys ... you name it! There are so many different ways to decorate that fits your style, and changing out your decor can be a super easy way to give your room a fresh, new look! 

One thing to note when working with home decor is that it's great to add some different heights and textures together to create an even look. I love reworking my decor every so often, but that's just my thing! Here are some of my favorite things to add to your MegMade bar cart if you're looking to give it that last finishing touch:

Wallpaper or Paint

Add a different color of paint or some wallpaper to the back of your bar cart/tallboy to give it a fun pop of color like we did with the bar cart pictured above! This is a great way to add some personality to your piece. It also allows you to go a bit more simple with the rest of your decor - let the wallpaper or paint be the statement! Click HERE to shop our MegMade wallpaper line. 

Fun Glassware 

Want another place to go fun? Get some fun glasses to showcase on your cart. Leave it out for easy access the next time you or your friends want a drink - plus, going with decorative glasses will act as just another piece of fun decor! Go with stemless glasses to balance out the height of your liquor bottles or add a rack to hang them! 

Your Favorite Drinks

What's a good bar cart without your favorite drinks on hand?! Not only do your favorite drinks showcase your personality, but they're a fun way to add some spice to your decor! 


Need something to add some height? Add a mirror to the top of your bar cart or even to the back of it to give some dimension within the space. I love just leaning the mirror on the back of the piece with a layered piece of art of a bigger plant to off-set the height. Click HERE to shop our mirror collection! 

Add Some Art 

Art is a great way to pull your bar cart together with the rest of your room and set the tone! You can mix and match styles, colors, and textures - and it's so much fun to collect pieces that you love. I love using different sizes and frames to give some variety and height to the decor. Click HERE to shop our art collection here at MegMade! 


Adding some cute pots and plants is always my go-to when it comes to styling. We have so many cute planters here at MegMade. Click HERE to check them out! Pots and planters can add that little bit of dimension or balance of height your decor needs - not to mention they'r so stinking cute! 

Brass Decor 

If you've seen most of my designs and decor, you know I'm in love with brass decor. I think it just adds to my "reformed vintage" style so well, and they add a cool more masculine look that I was going for when styling the bar cart above. Shop all of our brass decor HERE


If you're needing to add some height to your decor, I love coffee table books to stack and even set other decor pieces on top of. I love coffee table books because they're all so unique! Buy some that fit the color scheme or even just interests that you love and stack them with a candle, planter or bowl on top to finish out the look! 


Speaking of candles, I think adding candles to round out styling a piece is a MUST. I don't know why - it just is! I love our candles here at MegMade, their sleek design goes with pretty much any design or style. Click HERE to shop them - they smell great and are the perfect thing to round out your bar cart decor! 

Your Personal Touch Of Style 

The most important aspect of adding decor is that it fits your personality and style! Add some art that means something to you, frame photos of you and your family or even add in decor that has been passed down in your family. The options are endless, and using decor throughout your home that fits your personality will bring you closer to creating a home like no other - because there's no one quite like you! 

I hope this helps you add your own personal touch of style to your MegMade bar cart. Need help with styling and making other selections for your space? We can help! We offer design packages here at MegMade - click HERE to see the packages we offer! I would love to see how you used these tips to style your bar cart. Tag us on Instagram and Facebook @MegMade with some photos of your newly styled piece and use the hashtag #findthegold to show how you spruced up something and made it feel brand new again using some fun decor!

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