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Whether you're using a service to help design your space or not, it's no secret that there's a lot to think about when it comes to pulling the trigger and making your room feel complete! Especially when you are working with your partner, there are a few key things to think about before starting the process to make it smooth from start to finish. Here are my 5 topics I recommend going over with your partner before starting to work on designing your space(s): 

What do you want to use the space for?

Some rooms are obvious (think: primary bedrooms and bathrooms) while other rooms like the basement, extra bedrooms or other rooms throughout the house can be open for interpretation! I think the first step in the process is to talk through what you want the space to be used for. Should the back room be turned into a dining room or would you rather make it your kids' play room? Is it going to be multi-functional? This will help you and/or your designer determine what pieces will work functionally for your space and how to best utilize it to fit your family's needs! 

How do you want your space to feel?

We work with couples all the time with entirely different design styles. The way we find commonality in most cases is by coming to an agreement on how they want the space to feel overall. Are you going for a dark, moody office or light and airy? Do you want it to feel more classic and timeless or would you rather make a statement? Thinking through these things along with what the space will be utilized for is great to think through so you're able to narrow down the type of furniture you will need for the space as well as an overall vibe of the pieces whether they're traditional or modern! 

Which things can we reuse that we already own in the new space vs. what do we want to get rid of?

Unless you are starting completely from scratch, most couples have some furniture that can be brought from one condo/house to another - even if the furniture needs to switch rooms! Before getting started in the design process, think through which pieces you really want to incorporate and which ones you want to get rid of. Talking through this on the front-end will give you a more realistic idea of what you really need to furnish the space and can also help determine a design layout and style if you are wanting to design around those pieces. 

What pieces of furniture are you willing to splurg on?

Before starting a design, I think it's also important to decide which pieces you can agree to spend a little more to get quality on vs. which pieces you're good with finding cheaper options. Here at MegMade, we have options for every part of the spectrum. Some things we typically recommend spending more on for quality include items like: couches, storage pieces, dining tables, chairs, coffee tables, etc. and maybe looking for more affordable options on things like: side tables, rugs, art, mirrors, curtains, etc. Each family is SO different, so think about what is best for you! 

What's Your budget?

All these questions help guide you into one of the most important questions to agree on before starting the design process. This is: What is your budget? The number one thing I've seen halt progress when working on spaces is when partners haven't talked through what their budget expectations are. It's totally understandable – many people don't know what's realistic and/or how much they're realistically comfortable with. Talk through a budget and what your max is, and you can work from there to decide a design within that! We see budgets in all shapes and sizes, and you can definitely have a conversation with your designer to find out what's realistic for the amount of furniture you're needing and the pieces you're gravitating for. If there are pieces you're obsessed with that you can't live without, you can always buy in phases to not break the bank!

I hope this list got some wheels turning and gets the conversation going for you to create the space of your dreams! If you need help designing your space, MegMade has an AMAZING complimentary design service. It's a $1,500 deposit that then goes back towards anything you purchase. Click HERE for more information! I've also linked other blogs I've done before to explain the process! 

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