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I always say that a room isn't finished until it elicits some type of feeling. This can be done in so many ways, but my personal favorite -- COLOR. In my opinion, a pop of color or two should be added into almost any room. It shows personality, adds interest, and can be as bold or subtle as you want! Adding color doesn't mean the room has to be bold - but don't shy away from it! If you're having trouble figuring out where to incorporate it, don't worry - I'll show you how! 
Here are my 8 tips to incorporate pops of color into any space: 

Create A Statement Piece

This won’t come as a surprise, but adding a statement dresser or buffet is my absolute favorite way to spice up a room. We don't only have to play in neutrals when it comes to creating a furniture piece you'll love and have forever. Especially if you're someone who wants to keep your walls neutral (or you're a renter and have to), a pop of color in your furniture is the perfect way to go. You can get as crazy as you want with this, but when I say adding pops of color, it doesn't have to be as bold as our Adler Orange! Incorporating any type of color, not matter how subtle can make the place feel more unique - sometimes it's just about straying away from basic neutrals in a few places! 

For example, here at MegMade, we offer 15 in-house paint colors included in the cost of your piece. Notice that even the blues, greens, and pinks are subtle! I'm always up for bold, but if you're intimidated at first, going with a color that still feels pretty neutral - like Hamilton or Spade - is a great place to start. 

Pull From Pattern

When designing a room, I love pulling out fun colors from places like your wallpaper, rug, throw pillows, etc. It really helps tie a room together, and makes the space look more cohesive. I love this bold picture above, but it can definitely be more tame! Choose a rug with a few fun colors, and incorporate those same colors in your throw pillow pattern. Go with color for your dresser or buffet and include some art above it that incorporates the color you chose. The key is to let color add some personality to the room, but still make it look intentional! 

Add Color Through Curtains

Curtains can become your pop of color your room is needing if you do it right! Add a fun color, use some pattern, and add some texture in there! When you’re adding pattern, make sure you really live with it for a minute. Some patterns don’t look the same on a bigger scale, so it may not be your favorite as a curtain as much it would be on a lumbar pillow. Especially if you're used to neutrals, you may have already gone pretty subtle in the room. Curtains are the perfect way to spice them up, and way less time consuming than adding wallpaper or painting your space! 

Add A Statement Rug

If you’re looking to add some color into your space, adding in a fun rug is a great place to start. You can go as fun with this as you want! Even if you don’t go super bold, finding a fun rug you love is a great starting point to then pull different colors out of it and place them in other aspects around the room. This photo is a perfect example of adding a pop of color that doesn't feel intimidating. It adds character to an otherwise pretty neutral room and adds the personality it may have been missing before. 

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Choose A Color Palette And Stick With It

One of my biggest pieces of advice is to find a few colors that you want to incorporate and stick to them.I usually stick to a rule called The 60-30-10. So many designers say their color palette for any room is 60 percent their dominant color, 30 percent their secondary color, and 10 percent the accent color that they've chosen in order to make it the most visually appealing. This doesn’t mean you can’t switch up the hues you use, but make sure you don’t mix and match too many colors, or the space will just end of looking chaotic. I love this cool-toned palette with the buffet we did. Sticking to cool toned blues and golds makes the open spaces flow together - which is ultimately the goal when designing a space! 

Add Vibrant Wallpaper

One of my favorite ways to add a fun pop of color to a space is to incorporate wallpaper into the mix! There are so many fun wallpapers that will breathe life into any space. Again, you can go as bold of subtle as you want with wallpaper. The most fun aspect is that there are millions of wallpapers to chose from, so you can find the perfect one for your space that will let you add some bold pops of color while still being completely you! 

Incorporate Rich and Bold Seating

Opting for rich and bold seating is such an amazing way to make your space more interesting, especially if you go with a fun texture like velvet! Like I've said before, adding color doesn't have to be super bold! Go for a color you love that will accent the space but still be able to take with you wherever you go next. 

Express Yourself With Art

Adding some color with art is the oldest trick in the book - but that's because it comes with ease! Your personality and style really show through with the art you choose in your space. Now that you know how, add some art that will help tie your pops of color together to make for a cohesive finish. 

I hope these tips and tricks helped make adding color into your space less intimidating. If there's one piece of advice I can give -it's that adding color doesn't have to be out of your comfort zone. There are so many "neutral" colors besides whites, grays, blacks, and browns that just as subtle, yet somehow way more fun! As always, I would LOVE to see how you use color in your space at home. Tag us on Instagram and Facebook @MegMade. 

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