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Our boys' bedroom reveal is finally here! If you haven't heard, we moved this summer to the 'burbs! Especially with COVID, the boys just needed a space to run around and be kids, and we couldn't be happier. We love the city of Chicago and will probably be back eventually, but for right now this just makes sense. Joe and I have always had the same philosophy that our boys should share a room, & they love it! Without further ado, here's the boys' new room:




Custom Bunk Bed: So much love and planning went into this bedroom design. We wanted it to be a place where the boys could have friends over (when it's safe again), hang out, and feel like it's a space of their own. I designed the custom bunk bed concept and had it brought to life by our local handyman! All the supplies were purchased at our local Home Depot. 

Wallpaper: I made this wallpaper specifically for the boys' bedroom as I was creating their design. I knew I wanted a watercolor inspired camo, and I love how it turned out! Click HERE to shop our Reflection wallpaper!

Wall color: We chose Farrow and Ball Stiff Key Blue to color match the wallpaper in the room. Its the perfect complement to the paper, and it's SUCH a good color. 

Wall Art: If you haven't already heard, our au pair, Yaha, makes the most incredible art. She has an amazing story, so each piece that we incorporate around our house means so much to me. Read her story HERE. The art above the boys' bed was a quote I saw that really stuck with me. Yaha made it for me, inspired by Cleo Wade. It says "You want love? Be love. You want light? Be light". It's the perfect reminder for my boys to lead with kindness and give to people want they hope to get back. 

W & B: I designed the letters in Photoshop and had them printed at my local Staples! The frames are from Crate and Barrel. Click HERE to shop the frames. 

Bedding: This bedding is the best! We got it from Target and it works perfectly as a light comforter. White comforters or duvets are my go-tos. There's just something about a white comforter that makes it look 10x cozier to me. Is anyone else with me?! 

Carpeting: We figured the carpet in the boys' room was going to go through a ton of spills and crazy kids, and the carpet we chose from Home Depot has held up pretty well! We chose a light solid brown to bring out the tones of the wood. 

Throw Blankets: These throw blankets are the BEST. They're so comfy and elevate the look of the bed. Click HERE to shop our Malin oversized throw. 

Poufs: These are our Saba Jute Poufs that we sell at MegMade. They're perfect for some extra seating for the kids without taking up too much space! Shop the Saba Jute Pouf HERE

Sconces: I love these sconces for their room - they tie in perfectly! I wanted to find a sconce that the boys would be able to adjust if they wanted more light to read. These sconces are from Circa, which we now sell here at MegMade! Email hello@megmade.com for more info!

Throw pillows: I LOVE going with custom pillows. They completely elevate a room, especially because you're able to perfectly curate them to complement the rest of your design. Both the euros and lumbar pillows are custom, and I think they add the perfect amount of texture and complementary color and pattern to the room. If you're interested in creating custom pillows, contact us! 

We hope you love this design as much as we do! Have a children's bedroom you need designed? We offer design packages! Click HERE to check out our different packages. We're always looking for fun inspirations, so if you have a fun bedroom design, tag us on Instagram or Facebook @MegMade. We'd love to see them! 

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