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You've moved in and done a ton of work to make your house feel like a home, but are there still those small spaces you can't quite complete? In every home there are those "tough spots" that just seem like nothing fits. If you don't tackle them now, they'll end up being blank spaces in your house for years (trust me, I'm guilty of it too). Instead, make it a fun weekend project and GET THE JOB DONE! Here are a few areas that I've found to be tougher to design in homes and some tips on how to make them feel complete! 


Entryways can be super tricky, especially because each entryway is different! What works in one house may not fit or look good in another. My advice for styling your entryway is to play it practical. If you have the space, I always recommend having some sort of console table to fill the space of an empty wall by the door. It's also a great place to store your keys and other essentials that you don't necessarily have a designated place for (but also don't want to have to look at all the time!). 

Bay Window Areas

Bay Windows are absolutely gorgeous, but their curve can be tricky to style! Depending on what room they're in, there are multiple routes you can take with them! The most important thing is to play up the character of the windows. Let them be the star of the show! I would recommend only putting low furniture in front of them so that you're able to capture the beauty of the background. 

Behind A Sofa 

Especially if you have your freestanding sofa, you're not going to want to stare at the back of furniture piece. My favorite thing to do to style behind your sofa is add a console table. This is a great place to add weaved baskets underneath with blankets, decor to add your personality and style and maybe even a fun color to the console to add a pop of fun! 

On Either Side Of A Fireplace 

We get a lot of questions about what to do when you're looking to not only style a fireplace but also the area around it! I love when the space feels symmetrical. We have two smaller buffets on metal bases on either side of our fireplace. It creates a finished look. 

Maximizing A Small Nook  

If you haven't read our blog, we created a blog and guide to talk through how to maximize your smaller living space as well as a downloadable guide! Click HERE to read. We have a lot of tips to creating a small space that looks and feels bigger than it actually is! 

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