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First of all, I want to say a very Happy Mother's Day out there to all you mamas, expecting mamas or anything outside and in-between. You all are amazing, and you deserved to be celebrated! From our MegMade Family to you, we hope you have an amazing day with relaxation, good food and some quality time with the ones you love. As Mother's Day came in the blink of an eye (where has the year gone?!) I've been really thinking about my three boys and the lessons they've taught me. I feel like every parent would agree that your kids teach you SO much, whether it's about changing diapers, how to handle brothers wanting the same toy (ALL the time) or even what you learn about yourself. Today I decided I would put together the five things I feel like I've learned since having kiddos: 

Use The Parenting Style That Works For YOUR Family

Joe and I always joke that years ago we lived our lives like a rollercoaster. Once minute we felt like we could write a book on parenting and then next like the worst parents in the world. One thing would go wrong, and we would start to question our parenting style, what conflicting opinions from others we should adapt to, etc. What has freed me from the pressures of not doing things right when it comes to parenting is knowing that it's OK to not always have the answers or not go by what sometimes feels like the "parenting  handbook". What works for your family and the house you want your kids to be raised in is ALWAYS the best way to go. Feeling like you can choose something that may not be the status quo when it comes to parenting can really help to alleviate some of those anxieties that you're not doing things "right" - because there really is no right way to do things when it comes to raising kids! 

EVERY Kid Is Different

Another things I've learned while raising my three boys is that EVERY kid has their own, unique personality, and it's important to celebrate that! How my oldest feels love from me or feels supported is very different than how my middle and youngest do. I think it's important for me to remember to not put them in a box, meaning my youngest, Finn, might not want to play the same sports, read the same books, etc. as my other boys, and that's ok! 

Isn't it so crazy that you can have three boys living in the same household and having the same parents, but the three are developing such different but amazing personalities? 

These are my kiddos! 

Oldest (middle): Wells 

Middle (top): Brooks 

Youngest (bottom): Finn 

Time Will Fly By - Enjoy It!

I feel like sometimes I get in seasons where I'm so caught up in the details of being a mom that it's easy to forget that these years of getting to spend time with my boys while they're still young are fleeting, so I need to enjoy them!! I was talking to some friends about the different "phases" that a lot of kids go through and it made me realize that the hard phases (even the ones that make me want to rip my hair out) are a blessing because they turn them into the kids they are meant to become. Rather than overthink and worry about all the little things you should be doing to teach them, help them, etc. make sure you the moments you get with them and do what feels right and natural for you too. 

Sometimes You Just Need To Treat Yourself!

Especially as a boy mom, I feel like I'm constantly surrounded by monster trucks, fart jokes and overall just sometimes need an outlet to feel a different perspective! I think it's important to treat yourself every once in a while. For me, it's a lunch with some friends, a new dress for a special occasion or even just five minutes by myself (not joking, they follow me everywhere)! I've learned that it's important for me to take time for myself away from kiddos, work, etc. because I can take care of my boys the best I can if I take care of myself too! 

Speaking of treating yourself, we have some really cute decor right now that would be a perfect way to do just that (wink, wink)


Don't Make Yourself Crazy Always Trying To Clean

I feel like as a designer I always have that desire to keep my home looking like it did for the photoshoots, the videos, and overall just something that at any point even the mailman would look in and be impressed! The design you created just looks better when it's clean. I’ve found that the desire to have a clean and organized home is something that can cause us moms a lot of stress because in this phase of life your home may never fully meet your expectations. I’ve also learned that it’s easy to spend more time cleaning and straightening up around the house while you could be spending quality time with them making the mess! 

That doesn’t mean that my house is messy all the time, but it means that I’ve learned to be okay with leaving things out overnight or not having our home "photoshoot ready". 

Ultimately the young years with all of these toys and messes are fleeting and sometimes all the effort just isn’t worth it.  Constantly cleaning is exhausting and takes time away from the kids so I’ve just learned that accepting some clutter and mess is just a part of having three crazy boys who seem to always prefer playing with the messiest toys we have in the house! 

I hope you enjoyed and may even relate to the things I've learned since having kids. Us mamas have to stick together, and sometimes that is reminding each other of the small lessons that we learn over time but forget in the moment. I hope you all have an AMAZING Mother's Day! 

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