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Meg & Joe Life Update

Written by: Meg Piercy



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If you know us, you know The Piercys are always crazy busy! We have had tons of fun stuff happening these last few months, and I feel like sometimes it’s just nice to sit down and give you all the low down!

Our New Munster Showroom

The Munster showroom was a slow burn and then happened all at once! It took about a year to get the construction ready, but then we had about two weeks to get it all cleaned up and ready to open. Think long hours of cleaning, lots of trucks full of furniture from our Chicago location and so many DIY projects to make the showroom look one-of-a-kind. We’ve been open for about a month now and have had so much fun meeting so many amazing people and being welcomed into the neighborhood! Keep an eye out for our blog later this week with a look book of the new store! For now, here's a little sneak peek: 

Our Hunt For A New School

During all this time of opening, Joe and I were in the process of finding a school for our oldest son to get the education he needs. As our oldest is entering into fifth grade next year, we’ve been looking for schooling that can specifically focus on the IEP he was born with. He was born with dyslexia. We had him tested at a few different schools to see if they would be able to provide him the tools he needs to work on his learning abilities and make him feel like he can still be a kid! During our school’s spring break, Joe took him to a great doctor in the city for two days of brain scans. They were able to tell us how his brain works, where the disconnect happens and strategies to help overcome his IEP. It is such a blessing that we were able to get more information. We've found a GREAT school for the boys that we're really excited about that they will start next school year. 

Finding The Perfect Fit For Our Family

For the last three years, we’ve had the most amazing au pair, Yaha, that we were so blessed to know. We are so excited that she got the opportunity to spread her wings and move into the city while going back to school. In the midst of opening up the Munster location and looking for a new school for our boys next year, we also were looking for a replacement for an irreplaceable person!! We’ve still gotten to spend lots of weekends with Yaha, but we have a great new au pair that just flew to us on Saturday! I’ve got to say, it is NOT an easy process. Especially because having great support in child care allows Joe and I to be able to spend time working on our business knowing our kids are happy and safe. It's a work in progress, but our new au pair has been great so far. We're excited to get to know her more and welcome her into our family! 

Meet With Meg Design Program

Most of my time at the store lately has been spent lately working on design projects for our Meet With Meg program! The girls and I have been having so much fun lately working together designing spaces or even whole homes for all the amazing families that have signed up. It’s been great getting to have a creative outlet! I will say, the operations and logistics of running a business is not necessarily my thing (I am definitely more creative than analytical) so I’ve been loving that I can focus on projects like these! I love that we're able to create spaces to match each family and home's personality and style. Click HERE to learn more about the program.  Some of our projects are so different but equally as fun and one-of-a-kind. Here are two living rooms we've done recently: 

Overall, life has been busy, but Joe and I thrive off the crazy! We love having big dreams and big tasks to tackle to accomplish them, and we're so grateful to have all of you on this journey with us! As I dive back into the blogs, I'm sure you'll hear ALL about it ( Joe and his shenanigans plus the world of design and retail always keeps me on my toes!). If you want to see more of our lives, follow us @megmade! 

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