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Many people don't know this, but clothing was my first creative outlet. My creativity really started by me being able to express myself and my vision through my personal style. I actually was a stylist for a short time before meeting Joe! I fell in love with mixing patterns and styles through clothing, which translated into my love for expressing myself through home design. Over the years, one thing that's constant is that the fashion and home design trends are ever-changing. It's no secret that the two play off of each other. A designer gains inspiration from the things around them!

About two years ago solids and basics were so much of what you would find at any store. That translated into what people wanted to see throughout the next few years in their homes. White couches, accents of blue and saddle brown leather, etc. It usually starts with your personal style because it's much easier to experiment with! If you've noticed in the newest summer collections - color is back! Now you can't go into a clothing store without seeing patterns like camo or animal print and  statement colors like electric orange and yellow, so how can we take what we're loving on our body and start to use them to inspire our next interior design? The answer is through the fabrics, colors, patterns and embellishments that we also use throughout our home. 

Get fun with it! Go for bold patterns or mix and match textures. Design is meant to be fun, and as long as it fits your personality and style it will always be timeless and meant for you and your home. Am I constantly changing around my house? Yes, but that's what's so fun about leaning on fashion to inspire your next design - overtime it evolves into something much more than you could have ever imagined. The next time you look at a magazine, connect all the ways that the style can be made into a great home design. Whether it's the next texture inspo for your throw pillow, the color you want your next MegMade dresser in, or the wallpaper pattern you want in your next bedroom, design inspiration is all around us - you just have to find the gold in it and make it yours! 

How has fashion inspired your latest home design? Tag us on Instagram and Facebook to let us know! We'd love to see how you've taken your newfound love for a certain pattern or color and incorporated it into your new favorite space. 

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