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Many of you have heard how MegMade started (if you haven't click HERE!), but many of you may not know the how we got to the point of painting a dresser in our living room. Here at MegMade, we design and hand-select every product to make your experience as personal as possible. We want to get to know you to give the most personal experience as possible while creating a home like no other - because every design should give off the personality and style of the people that call it home! In turn, we want you to get to know us a little bit, so let's start at the very beginning -- How Joe and I met:

Almost 12 years ago, Joe and I both went to church called Park Community Church in Lincoln Park. I had moved to the city with a few roommates from college but otherwise didn't know a soul. As a way to get involved and meet new people, I became a greeter on Sunday mornings. On this particular day, I went to church and noticed someone I had never seen before, and man was he cute! I mentioned the guy to my friend and honestly thought nothing of it. After church on Sundays, we would always get a little group of people to go out to lunch as a fun way to try new places around the city and get to know new people. On this particular Sunday, no one could go besides me, my friend and one other guy. Guess who the one other person besides me and my friend was. None other than the cute guy I noticed before church. 

As we're about to leave, my friend all of a sudden feels "super sick" and decides she has to go home early. So the cute guy and I (if you haven't caught on... the cute guy's name is Joe) went out for lunch at a place called Cafe Sushi on Wells Street. The moment we started talking, we just completely clicked. I think we could've closed the place down if they would have let us. Joe and I talked for hours and got to know everything about each other on what turned out to be our very first date. Our connection was instant. After I left, I called my mom on the phone and said "Mom, I think I just met the man that I'm going to marry". Talk about moving fast! 

Joe asked me to be his girlfriend a few weeks later at a park called Oscar Meyer, and we were engaged about 6 weeks later. Now he's the father of my three amazing boys, the business partner that brings me laughter through the good and hard times and the most incredible husband I ever could have asked God for. All because I noticed a cute guy at church. 

Sometimes you meet someone, whether it be the person you're going to marry or anyone who's going to make the best impact on your life in the craziest ways -- and the rest is history! Like this blog? Check out our other blogs like THE REASON BEHIND #FINDTHEGOLD. Click HERE to read. 

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  • I also met my husband at church! I was sitting behind him and he stood up to make an announcement and I thought “cute backside!” We’ve now been married 16 years :)

    Danielle Diehl

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