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I've always been into color -- it's just my thing! As fall has quickly snuck up on us (is it just me?!), I thought it would be fun to talk about one of my favorite designs with color -- MOODY! So many people love the look, but don't know how to achieve it when they're starting with a blank slate. Here are my six tips on how to create a moody aesthetic in your next room design: 

Choosing Your Color 


Many people think that moody rooms are all about dark colors, but there are so many other ways to create the look and feel. However, if you're willing to add some color to your home -- GO FOR IT! I love the idea of deep greens and blues to make for a moody space. Want to take it to the next level? Take your wall color onto the trim and ceiling!! It will completely change the look of the space and is one of those things that isn't trendy when it comes to this type of design. I like to go for a flat finish and a high gloss on the trim to help the eye differentiate the two, especially if you have particularly interesting crown molding. 

Set The Mood With Lighting 

Source: Sean Anderson Design Instagram

To create a moody room, lighting is ESSENTIAL! It's all about the tones and shadows. Think: warm toned lighting vs. harsh cafeteria lighting. Use a dimmer switch to create a functional room during the day and a sanctuary to sit down and relax at night with the lights down low. Two types of lighting that I would recommend to create a more relaxing feel to the space are chandeliers that have interest and table or floor lamps that can illuminate the space and shadows. It's all about playing up those senses that make you feel like you can take a deep breath... speak of... 

Play Up Your Senses 

Source: Stephanie Molster Interiors Instagram

Moody rooms are meant to encourage relaxation and comfort. Candles, knit blankets, velvets, etc. are all great ways to set the tone and create a space where your mind subconsciously slows down. Take a second to yourself -- you deserve it!! In moody rooms, we tend to stick to lots of darker colors, so adding different textures will to add variation to the space. I like to add slightly different hues for each different fabric/texture to separate each fabric from one another. It makes each item in the room feel complementary but independent from the next.  

Add In Some History 

Source: Haneens Haven Instagram

My favorite thing to do is to mix the feeling of a moody space with vintage furniture and decor. For this type of design, I think vintage stained wood looks absolutely gorgeous with the deep tones of the rest of the space. A few vintage pieces adds so much character since they're filled with so much history and life. Some vintage elements that you should be on the hunt for are nightstands, chairs, dressers, or even antique lamps! Fun fact: in a bedroom, vintage bed frames are hard to come by in a king, because back then they didn't make beds that large! If you've found one, you've struck gold! 

Embrace The Imperfections 


A space like this is meant to be one where you can embrace the imperfections -- so let it happen! I always prefer things in my designs to have a bit of imperfection because it shows the true personality of the space. Between working with hundred year old vintage pieces and having three boys, I'm bound to have some nicks and dents in my home! I always say that MegMade designs to elicit feeling, so adding those pieces of personality that may not be perfect is a great start to showing the true character of your home. 

Adding Decor


When it comes to adding the final details of the space like the decor -- sometimes less is more! In my opinion, the color and textures are the starts of the show here. Everyone else is just a supporting character (I'm kind of proud of myself for thinking of that analogy)! Your brain won't have as much to process as you walk into the room, which will in turn help you shut off and unwind. Decor in a moody space is another place that I love adding vintage elements to round out the design. It's so fun going to vintage shops and finding old fashioned decor! 

I hope these tips helped inspire your next moody design! If you have a moody design in your home, I would absolutely love to see it. Tag us @MegMade with your designs and follow up for photo inspirations and more! 

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