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If you know me, you know I LOVE wallpaper. I think it's the best way to customize a room and really make it yours. Wallpaper doesn't just have to be the bold floral that you see in your grandparents' living room. There are so many prints that can really be customized to your style. If you're thinking of adding wallpaper to your home - GO FOR IT. 

We have a wallpaper line that is absolutely amazing. The awesome thing about our wallpaper is that each design comes in a peel and stick option. Peel and stick is perfect for renters or anyone who likes to frequently redecorate. It has a smooth, matte-finish, self-adhesive backing, which allows for paste-free application and easy removal!

If you're team wallpaper, but aren't ready to wallpaper your whole house quite yet, here are some unique ways to incorporate pops of wallpaper throughout your home:

Accent Walls

Wallpaper accent walls are amazing ways to add a pop of design and make a space feel bigger. It gives off a very finished look while still being quick and easy! It also allows you to go more bold with the wallpaper design, which I am ALWAYS a fan of. We added our MegMade Reflection wallpaper in our boys' room, and I LOVE how it turned out. The nice thing about adding a bold accent wall is that you can be pretty minimalistic with the rest of the area. It creates such a focal point in the room and really allows you to have some fun! 

Wallpaper The Inside Of A Bookshelf

It can sometimes take a lot of effort to add the perfect amount of decor to a bookshelf to make it stand out. If that's not your forte, adding wallpaper to the back of the shelves can be a great alternative. Adding it to the back will give some great depth to your shelving and incorporate a fun way to spice up your space. I love how the wallpaper above adds great texture to the overall look to make each piece of decor really pop off the shelves!  

A Staircase 



Don't shy away from this! It may sound wild, but adding wallpaper to your stair risers can give your home such a unique element of design. You can be as subtle or bold as you want with this one! Runners can get dingy quickly, especially if you have three boys like me! This is a great alternative. Using our peel and stick wallpaper would especially be a great option for this space if you want to change it up every so often! Once you get the wallpaper cut, an easy-apply wallpaper would be a quick solution to getting a more elevated stairway. 

The Ceiling


I'm ALL about adding wallpaper to the ceiling for a super unique look. It's especially great for spaces that are right off the staircase - your eyes flow right towards it! It opens up a room and adds a different element and texture to a room than you might not be used to! Adding wallpaper to your ceiling allows you to make the walls a little more subtle to really play up the focal point of the room and allow the ceiling to add some height to the space. 

The Back Of The Closet  

Closet Makeover - Wallpaper Surprise | House Of Hipsters | Home Decor Ideas  You Can Do Yourself

Adding wallpaper to the back of the closet is a great way to add some design to an otherwise dull space. I love of my friend House of Hipsters did in her closet! This is an awesome place to go bold or tie a space together completely! It gives your closet some depth. Closets are so frequently a messy, dull space - adding a new element will make your space look more intentional, and maybe you'll be more inclined to keep your hangers straight too!

Decorate A Headboard 


Wallpapering an old headboard is the perfect alternative for refinishing or reupholstering. It's also a great way for renters to add a pop of color to their room without having to put anything on their walls! Adding a wallpaper-decorated headboard to your kids room is also a great, easy way to change up the style of their room as they continue to get older, especially if you go with our peel and stick option. 

In a Frame 


If you have your eye on a more expensive design of wallpaper, buying less and putting it in a frame is a great option rather than having to cover the entire space! This option can really add dimension to a room and make your space look polished. Not to mention, you're potentially saving hundreds! 

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    Subtle ways to add a spark in any room ❤️.

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