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Whether its in fashion, home design, or even the auto industry - leather is timeless and it's here to stay. It's like a fine wine, it gets better with age and can be incorporated with any look and style! Another thing to note is that faux leather has made STRIDES in terms of its look and quality. This is a great alternative for the same look for a fraction of the price. There are so many ways to incorporate leather into your home! Here are some great examples:

Leather Couches

Adding a leather sofa to your space will be sure to make the room pop, and it adds such a unique element to the room that will be sure to make a statement. Leather couches have a different look and feel. They're sleek and cool to the touch, which is perfect in a cocktail or front room like the ones pictured above! 

Leather Accent Chairs 

I love the look of leather accent chairs - they make everything in the room pop! Leather accent chairs are timeless, and I love that you can incorporate them into almost any space. Where you might have put them in your living room at your previous house, they may be able to convert to great seating in your front room at the new house. Add almost any texture, color, or pattern as a throw pillow as a way to even further showcase your style!

Leather Counter Stools 

Source: Kitchens Of Instagram

Counter stools especially can look pretty beat up over time. They're in a high traffic area where people are always moving around, setting stuff down, etc. The great thing about leather? It looks better with time!! I love leather counter stools in a kitchen, especially because they make for such comfortable seating. Whether you're already going for a pop of color on the cabinets or the rest of the space is neutral, they add the perfect amount of texture to round out the design. 

Leather Headboard 

Adding a leather headboard into your bedroom gives creates such a cool touch to any bedroom style. Especially since leather headboards usually has some padding, it's great for sitting up in bed if you want to read a book or watch T.V. It fits great with other wood or metal finishes. Since leather headboards and beds come in so many finishes, styles, shapes, and colors, they’re very versatile in terms of bedroom color palettes and styles!

Leather Ottomans, Stools or Benches

Adding a leather ottoman, stool or bench is one of my favorite ways to incorporate leather into a space. It's such a subtle touch that makes such a big different in the overall design. We actually have the two leather stools for sale at the showroom if you're interested in these specifically! Add them to the end of your bed, as extra seating in your living room, or even under your console table in your entryway.

Leather Pillows 

Not sure if you want to hop on the leather train in your home? Start small with some leather pillows to add a small touch of it to your space. They're a great investment, and they might be a bit stiff at first but will get softer as they're broken in over time!
I hope these gave you some good ideas for your next home design! Like the leather look? Shop our site to find some great leather options, or email us at hello@megmade.com to see some of our faux leather that can be used to reupholster! If you've taken on the leather look in your home - we want to see it! Tag us on Instagram and Facebook @Megmade. 
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