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Have a new space you're looking to redesign and don't know where to get started? Measuring out your space feels like a small step, but it goes a long way when it comes to actually putting the design together. It may not seem like it, but measurements are so important. A few inches could be the difference between your couch and side table fitting perfectly vs. not being able to open a door all the day because you were a few inches off! Especially when you're working with an interior designer, here are some measurements you'll want to make sure you get & get right before you start your design process: 

Wall Measurements

When it comes to wall measurements, it's honestly better to be safe than sorry. When I go into a space, I like to pretty much draw out my own floor plan and get it all done in one sitting. We drew an example of how to go about it above! Here are some of the important ones you really don't want to forget: 

-Overall width of each wall 

-Bump out wall widths 

-Ceiling height 

-Width of walls to the edge of any widow or door trims

-Length and width of key areas (ex. the top of your mantle to the ceiling and width of mantle for things such as art or a mirror) 

-Doorway widths 

Window Measurements

Getting window measurements are mainly important for things like shades and drapery. Sometimes it's better to just get the measuring out of the way rather than having to go back and measure at the end. Here are the main things I would focus on: 

- Width of window from trim to trim 

-Length from top of trim to the floor of your space 

-Width and height of your window's inset 

-Trim width 

-Overall ceiling height 

Furniture Measurements

Especially if there are pieces of furniture you're looking to keep, measure the width, depth, and height of your pieces to make it easier to remember what you'll need to buy to fit with what you already have! For example, if you have a piece that's 70" wide and an overall wall width of 85", you'll want to make sure you purchase something less than 15" wide to go beside it! (bad example, but you know what I mean!) While you're at it, it's always best to take a ton of photos of the furniture you plan to keep - whether it's to show an interior designer for reference or for your sake when you're at the store trying to pick out new pieces. While you're at it, let's take photos of the whole space... I'll show you how! 

Photos Of Your Space

In my opinion, the more photos for you or your designer to reference the better! I always say to basically just do a 360 and keep snapping photos. Once you're done with that, get a photo of your ceiling and floor too! It's so much easier to visualize what an overall room's potential is when you have enough photos to feel like you're in the space!

I hope these tips helped you get started on your next project! Have questions? Email us at hello@megmade.com, and we would be happy to help! If you need interior design help, we'd be happy to take a look! Click HERE to read through the interior design packages we offer. If you're starting some new projects, send us over some photos - we would love to see them! Also, tag us in your DIY projects on Instagram and Facebook @MegMade. 

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