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I love change, but it can get expensive and be hard to lay out the money to buy everything that comes with transforming a room-- especially now. Here at MegMade, we’re all about keeping the old and repurposing it to make it new, and we know that every penny counts when it comes to saving money AND spending! There are so many ways out there to DIY and make some decor yourself, but believe it or not, changing a space can just be as easy as moving furniture around, and grabbing a paintbrush! So today, we’re going to give you some quick tips on how to decorate on a tight budget:

Declutter and Reorganize

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When transforming a space, it's important to start off with a clean slate. Decluttering and reorganizing will automatically make the room feel more refreshed and ready to take on change. I love to start by going through all my items in a single area and getting rid of things I don't need. From there, I usually try to find some type of organizational tool or system that will allow me to find the items I need easily. The key is organizing in a system that you'll actually use so that things go back where they need to go. Only you know what will work for you and your family! Now that you have a clean slate, it's time to make some changes!

Refurbish What You Already Have  

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Rather than going out and buying new furniture - DIY yours! Here at MegMade, we've made the painting transformation process as easy as it gets. Our MegMade DIY Furniture Paint allows you to repaint any piece with little prep and absolutely no priming! If painting isn’t for you, we also sell stain that can serve as a complete restore for any of those pieces that have just gotten beat up over the years! A stain is another great way to update your furniture, without breaking the bank!

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Here are some of my favorite MegMade furniture paints for your next transformation project: 

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Keep An Eye Out For Vintage Furniture

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The most expensive aspect of creating a new space is the buying of bigger pieces of furniture. If you MUST buy new furniture, trying opting for a piece of furniture that is unfinished. Go to vintage resell shops, buy from Facebook Marketplace, or - if you want to be like Joe and I - find something in an alleyway that needs some love and do it yourself!! If you're looking to get crafty, grab some of our DIY paint and get to work. Repainting or restaining is such an easy way to hit reset on an otherwise unusable piece of vintage furniture. Click HERE to shop MegMade's DIY paint line! If you're not a DIYer, we can revamp your vintage pieces for you! Click HERE to check out our customization options. We also do reupholstery and staining as well if you find a fun chair or bench that you want to incorporate! Buying pieces unfinished can make a drastic positive change for your wallet, and can be a viable option if you are on a tight budget!

Update Your Decor

Did you know our MegMade DIY paint can also paint your accessories?! We're working on putting together a video where I refurbish an old lamp with our DIY paint - coming soon!! There are a TON of DIY hacks out there when it comes to decor. If you want a quick DIY, grab a canvas, get some paint and find a picture on Pinterest that you feel represents you and the space. Have fun with it – and go for it! If painting isn’t necessarily your go-to, get some old frames from a place like Goodwill and paint the frames to add some family photos into and create a vignette on your wall. There’s nothing better than using some photos that you already have, and making them a dual purpose by displaying them to decorate your home! Rather than tucking those photos away where you won’t see them, doing this will not only save you money but bring some happy memories into the home to admire.

Change Up Your Floor Plan

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Without any spending, a great way to decorate or give the room a makeover is by changing the floor plan up a bit. Sometimes all it takes is centering a large piece of furniture like a couch, or large table to really make it feel complete. When you have larger items, they can be used to anchor the room. Furniture can define a room with just a glance, so if you feel like your room is missing something, maybe try imagining the floor plan in a different way, and see if that helps before you nose dive into an expensive makeover!

Add Some Color To Your Home

Now, of course, going in with a pop of color on an accent wall, or some paint on your kitchen cabinetry can make all the difference! Although this may require some expense, if you really want a new look try adding some new pillows, a throw blanket, or even a new synthetic rug into the room – but in a different color than you normally would!  Changing the color can bring a whole new vibe to the room, which will make you feel like you’ve changed things up, and got that need for a makeover (hopefully) out of your system! Sometimes all it takes is to go bold with color, and jump out of your comfort zone, to make a change for the better! Plus – you can get all these things for under $100 if you shop smart!

Let In The Light

Natural light is such a game-changer when it comes to the look and feel of a room. Sometimes you can completely transform a space just by changing out your curtains for ones that allow the light to shine through. Especially front facing rooms, I usually suggest going with very airy window treatments - or none at all! 

Renovate In Phases 

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If you suddenly get this urge to redo your entire home, take it day-by-day! Do one room at a time, and when your budget grows a bit, go on and do the next room. I totally get wanting to redo everything at once and making things feel cohesive, but it doesn’t have to! As long as you take the steps to make your home feel more like you, you will enjoy every minute of it. Plus, decorating is so fun and so enjoyable, taking your time to find the things you really love and doing it step by step will not only be a fun process but be a nice hobby as well!

I hope these tips helped inspire you to go for that room change you've been dying to do! I know all about wanting to change your space frequently, and I also know how expensive it can get!! I would love to see what you ended up doing with your space. Tag us on Instagram and Facebook @MegMade and use the hashtag #findthegold to show us how you found gold in what you already had in your space to transform it into something you love again!

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