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Joe and I have always been suckers for "fixer-uppers". We found a passion for taking old, vintage pieces and creating something special, and in that same way we love taking a home that has potential and creating something beautiful out of it. We've always had the mindset of buying the cheapest house on a nice block, which comes with a lot of work that needs to be done! Especially when you're moving your family in quickly (COVID moves happened FAST as the housing market was hot), it's important to have a plan to make the renovations happen. If you're going through the same thing and are stuck thinking through the particulars, here's how Joe and I made the plan to phase out our home: 

There was only about a three week turnaround time from the time we owned our newest house to the time we moved in (which is NUTS)! Our biggest priorities during that short amount of time was doing construction that wouldn't be safe for the boys to live in the house for. Here are a few photos of what the house looked like originally: 


Here are a few photos of what it looks like now: 


We ripped up all the flooring, replaced it with hardwood all throughout the downstairs and carpeting throughout the upstairs changed all the lighting fixtures, repainted the entire house and completed any of the smaller demolition projects that we needed. All in three weeks!! No wonder we're able to get these show projects done so quickly! 

Although we had big dreams for this house from the beginning, big renovations are also a BIG cost. We waited on the big ticket items like the kitchen and bathrooms. Those are projects we’ll phase in in the future when we feel like we can really make them look like the spaces of our dreams. For now, we made small changes that don't cost a ton but allow us to live with the look of the original space until we can afford what we want. For example, we painted the original kitchen cabinets that came with the house with our MegMade DIY Furniture Paint in a mix of Earl Green and Black Sheep. Click HERE to shop our furniture paint. It's not perfect, but it's a HUGE improvement compared to what we started with.

We've also been strategic about what makes sense to get temporary fixes for vs. what we can buy now that will also work once we completely renovate. For example, in our primary bathroom we needed a roman shade to cover a window. We knew we wanted a custom black roman shade made for our final vision of the project, so instead of buying a temporary shade before the eventual one we really wanted, we installed the fabric roman now! 

We've made so many home improvements already, but there is definitely still a few big projects to go! As we are able to complete our big ticket renovations, we will keep you updated and document the process!!  

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