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Here at MegMade, our team is like family to us. We're a small but mighty team! Joe and I want you guys to know them like we know them - because working with them is an extension of working with us! Meet Cami: Our Assistant Store Manager!!

Cami was born in Holland, Michigan and went to Western Michigan University to study fashion and business. She's had the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy and participate in a summer internship in New York City for a summer. "I always knew I wanted to live in a bigger city - Florence and New York City were amazing, so after graduation I wanted to try out a new city feel and fell in love with Chicago!!"

Before Cami came to MegMade, she was a visual merchandiser for women's clothing. She's always been interested in fashion and expressing herself through her personal style. Since working at MegMade, she feels like she's been able to transition those same aspects into home design, and now she's obsessed with putting together her new apartment!

Cami moved a few months ago and has already had her hand in some DIY projects around her space. Her favorite DIY project she's done so far was redoing her kitchen cabinets! (Click HERE to watch our tutorial on how to do it.)


"My dad was such a big help for this project. I love the way they turned out!! It’s so crazy how a fresh coat of paint and new hardware can make a space look and feel so different."

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Notice anything in the "after" photo? It's our Edinburgh area rug! "I'm obsessed with my Edinburgh rug and can see why it's a fan favorite. I only have it in the kitchen, but I would seriously put it in my bedroom and living room too if I could. My other favorite thing from MegMade I have is our white linen duvet. It's like you're sleeping on a cloud! I swear I've gotten better sleep since it came in." Click HERE to shop our Whitewashed Line Duvet Cover. 

Her biggest design tip? Go with custom! "I love being ability to customize everything and make it your own. Some of my favorites are bathroom vanities, ottomans, and pillows. I would say don’t be afraid to to mix patterns and get creative!"

Cami is visual and creative by nature. Growing up, she was surrounded by people who inspired her to follow her dreams and do what she loves. Her grandmother owned a small business, which is why she's been drawn to creating something from the bottom up. Whether it's the layout of the showroom floor or coming up with new ways to help customers, Cami sees a future in mixing her creativity with the way a customer is able to experience MegMade! 

Cami is the best!! Stop in-store, ask her some design questions & get to know her or keep an eye out for her on our stories. Next up: our Communications Assistant, Kaylee!


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