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Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Tutorial

We love a good DIY project! 

Joe and I love a fixer-upper, and we fell in love with this new house and all that it could be! We have big dreams, and making our kitchen an inviting place for our friends and family to gather was one of our first priorities. It is SO rewarding. Although it may be time consuming, you end up with a beautiful kitchen while saving a ton of money. 

Check out our video tutorial and follow along, or keep reading for the 7 steps to paint kitchen cabinets!

Step One: Clean Your Cabinets 

Whatever you do, do NOT skip this step y'all. Getting the grease and grime off your cabinets will be super important to the overall look and makes the process go smoother in the end. We offer wood cleaner here at MegMade called Clean Slate that we love! (Think: this step gives you a CLEAN SLATE for the paint you're getting ready to put on.)

If you're not going with a MegMade cleaner, steer clear of any product with a wax derivative to prevent your paint from chipping. After you've cleaned, don't forget to cover countertops and tape off walls to protect them!

Step Two: Disassemble The Kitchen Cabinets

This might be our least favorite step - its so tedious but extremely important. Disassemble the cabinets by taking out all drawers and doors. The easiest way we've found is to work in sequential order and label them to make it easier during re-installment. (Think: like an assembly line!)

Step Three: Remove The Hardware

I cannot even count the amount of times I have lost a tiny screw during this process. Be sure to store all hardware pieces in a ziplock bag so you don't misplace them! Hardware is super important to the overall look of the space. Almost as important as the cabinets! It can really elevate a space and make it your own. We went with our Jasper Pull hardware. It added a classic element to the overall feel of the kitchen. 

Here are some MegMade options that we love! Click each item to shop. 

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Step Four: Use Wood Filler To Fill Holes (If Changing Out Hardware To A Different Size)

If you're choosing to replace the hardware on your drawers and doors with a different size, you'll need this step. If not, skip it! When filling holes, we recommend using Bondo because it dries really fast and hard, but any wood filler will do. Bondo is an all-purpose putty that mixes with hardener and dries super fast, so you have to make sure you're working fast as you put it on! We recommend over applying and sanding off excess just to be safe. Joe tip: after sanding blow the dust off (preferably in slow motion). As goofy as Joe can be, getting all the sand off the wood is super important for the paint to go on smoothly!

Step Five: Get Ready To Paint!

You're ready to paint! We went with three of our in-house colors for the project: A mix of Earl Green and Black Sheep with Weldon White on uppers for a pop.  I usually prime my paint by putting it into a blender to give it a smooth, easy-on consistency. (Don't worry! It washes right out.) Add a little bit of water to the paint in the blender and DON'T over blend. You're making the paint smoother, not a milkshake (lol). I find is easiest to use a strainer if you're putting your paint into a paint gun. 

We recommend painting in a well-ventilated area and wearing a protective mask, gloves, and protective eyewear. Trust me, we've had to paint in some funky situations, so paint where it works for you. In our video, we painted in our living room! We like to use spray guns, but rollers and paint brushes work just as well. Paint one side at a time and make sure it's dry before you flip it over. If you're renovating the whole kitchen, we recommend painting the cabinets before the walls. Easier for cleanup, and you don't have to worry about getting paint on the walls.

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Step Six: Use a Finish to Seal The Wood

Once your paint is dry, be sure to add a finish to seal the deal. We used a matte finish here, but using different finishes can change up the look of the paint. Glossy is another go-to of ours for a more dramatic look. This step is crucial to giving your paint a nice, finished feel. 

Step Seven: Re-Install Your Doors and Drawers

This step will be easy if you kept your pieces organized! Joe and I like to re-install in the same order we removed each piece. Be sure to re-install your hardware before putting your doors and drawers back on, it's so much easier!

Once you're done, enjoy your brand-new kitchen! We'd love to see how your home project turned out! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook @megmade. 

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