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Here at MegMade, our team is like family to us. We're a small but mighty team! Joe and I want you guys to know them like we know them - because working with them is an extension of working with us! Meet Kaylee: Our Communications Assistant!

Kaylee was born in Schererville, IN and went to Indiana University to study public relations and marketing. In college, she had the opportunity to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain and participate in a summer internship in New York City at a PR firm. Here at MegMade, Kaylee works on all of our social media, blog content, and PR and marketing efforts! 

Like the rest of our crew, working for MegMade has given Kaylee the DIY bug. She just moved into a new apartment last weekend, so her favorite DIY project so far has been putting up our MegMade wallpaper! (Click HERE to watch our tutorial on how to do it.)

"My new apartment in the city is MegMaded out! I'm obsessed with the Spot On Navy wallpaper my parents and I put up. I love how it all came together! I'm also super excited about the custom pink velvet headboard that's getting made. I can't wait to see how it turns out!" Click HERE to shop Spot On Navy!

Her biggest design tip? "Use color! Trust me - I used to think I wanted a neutral apartment look too, but Meg has taught me that everything is better with a pop of color! Color can add energy and excitement into a room, but it can also add an element that's even more calming than a neutral-based room if you do it right. It just depends on what you're going for!"

Kaylee is a leader by nature. She's grown up around girl bosses and gets her inspiration from the people around her. "Growing up, I was always taught to take charge and work hard. I love the idea so many people enjoy the content I put out - it makes me want to work harder. My favorite thing is when a customer walks into the showroom and says, ‘I love the MegMade Instagram’ or ‘I love reading the MegMade blogs’ It seriously makes my day!"

We love Kaylee! Comment on our Instagram, tell her what content you want to see  and ask her some questions or keep an eye out for her on our stories. Next up: our Design Assistant, Heather!

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