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I'm so excited to show you my absolute favorite room in the house - my family room! When designing this space, I really wanted to make sure it was a space that felt like home to my family. Tons of places to sit for when we're able to have all our friends and family over again, lots of storage for toys for the boys to play and overall just a design that evokes the feeling of comfort at the end of a long day. I think our new space captures that perfectly, and I'm really proud of it! Without further ado, here is our family room reveal: 




Wall Color: For this room, we went with one of my go-to whites, Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee. I have about 5 go-tos that I always recommend you swatch in your space before deciding on one. They are: Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee, Calm, White Dove, Cotton Balls and Chantilly Lace. For the fireplace, we decided to paint it black & I love how it turned out! We used a shade called Benjamin Moore Black Ink. 

Couch: This sectional is a Rowe couch, and we sell them here at MegMade! The style is called the Sylvie, and it's one of our favorites! It's perfect for the kiddos, because Rowe offers hundreds of fabrics to choose from, including crypton performance fabrics to help keep spills from seeping through and preventing stains. Click HERE to shop the Sylvie Sofa, or contact us at hello@megmade.com for more information on this style of sectional! 

Chairs: These pink chairs couldn't get anymore perfect for the space. I love that they're a pop of what we like to call a colorful neutral! These are made by another upholstery vendor we carry called Lee. They also allow you to choose the bones of the piece you want and then pair it with hundreds of different fabrics at different price points. Here at MegMade, we're all about letting our customers totally be a part of the experience. You can't get anymore specific in making your house one of a kind than custom! Our Lee chairs aren't on our website, but if you're interested in hearing more about them, contact us at hello@megmade.com!

Coffee Table: I think the Mason Coffee Table was the perfect addition to this space to go with all the other wood accents. It's a misted ash, and it's really well sealed to prevent spills and buttery hands from seeping into the wood. Click HERE to shop! 

Chandelier: This chandelier is one that we sell called the Berlin Hollywood Chandelier. It's sleek silhouette adds a touch of class and ties the whole room together. It comes in both an antique brass as well as a darker-toned Heritage brass. Click HERE to shop the Berlin! 

Buffets: I fell in love with these buffets when they came into MegMade, so I told Joe we had to have them and scooped them up quickly! They're perfect for a touch of symmetry in the space, and the brass hardware with our in-house color Spade is just so stunning. We added a metal base on both for some height and to tie the brass finishes together. We're always getting similar styles in at MegMade - click HERE to shop some of the current buffet inventory that we have in stock. 

Ottomans: These mini ottomans are the perfect addition if you're looking to add a little bit more seating to your space that you can easily move around and out of the way at your convenience. I love the leather on them, and I think they add the perfect amount of contrasting texture to the space with all the fabric going on from the sectional and chairs. They're called the Hudson Cross Ottoman, and we sell them at MegMade. Click HERE to shop!

Console Table: Here at MegMade, we're all about custom. We've started doing custom consoles for our customers, and this console behind our couch is a perfect example. The amazing thing about these are that you can choose from a few styles that we've created but with any measurements under the sun that you might need for your space. This means that you'll have the perfect console for home to create a home like no other. Interested in hearing more? Contact us at hello@megmade.com.

Baskets: Aren't these baskets adorable?! Our console already provides a ton of storage, but these are perfect for things like toys, diapers, or plain old things we just don't want to see cluttered on the floor of our family room. They're from Ikea, and they're still available! Click HERE to shop. 

Horse Art: This set of 9 horse art is so much fun and adds a ton of color to the design of your space! We always ask each person who comes into our family room which horse is their favorite, and it's so interesting to hear their answers. They're a statement piece in a room, and they're SO affordable for a set of nine. I'll link them HERE!

Pink & Gold Art: These art pieces above our buffets have been some of my favorites for a while, so I knew I needed to add them somewhere in my house! They're our Pink and Gold combo, and they're the perfect size to fit over a buffet, long console, etc. together. I'll link the first one HERE and the second one HERE for you to see! 

Picture Lights: Picture lights are the perfect touch in your space if you want to illuminate your artwork at night. They're from a vendor we newly carry - Circa! If you're interested in learning more information about these or any of the other picture light styles we carry, contact us at hello@megmade.com and we'll send you some more information! 

Couch Side Table: The Finn end tables is absolutely stunning & the perfect end table for any couch or chairs. We sell it here at MegMade - click HERE to shop!

Custom Pillows: I LOVE going with custom pillows. They completely elevate a room, especially because you're able to perfectly curate them to complement the rest of your design. I think they add the perfect amount of texture and complementary color and pattern to the room. If you're interested in creating custom pillows, contact us at hello@megmade.com! 

Decor: Of course, for the finishing touches, I always have to add in some of my favorite MegMade decor items. If you spot any from the photos that you love - I'll link them here! Gene - our ceramic pot decor - click HERE to shop him! Our Fem Rosa Medium planter - Click HERE to shop! Bea the metal bunny - click HERE to shop her. 

We hope you love this design as much as we do! Have a family room you need designed? We offer design packages! Click HERE to check out our different packages. We're always looking for fun inspirations, so if you have a fun family room design, tag us on Instagram or Facebook @MegMade. We'd love to see them! 

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