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Meg & Joe Life Update

The week is finally here! Renovation Goldmine premiers April 30th at 7 pm CST on HGTV!!

This week we're doing a ton of press to spread the word out. If you didn't see us on FOX 32 Chicago yesterday, check it out! Joe and I are trying to make sure we let you know beforehand when we'll be on, but a lot of the interviews are pre-taped and will be on later in the week! I will say, I love answering questions, but they can be a little nerve wracking -- especially the live interviews. Joe and I are such a team though. We love to say that we "team talk", meaning we finish each others thoughts and add on to one another's sentences. Between the two of us, I think we're able to get exactly what we want to convey out! 

I'm so grateful that so much of my family is coming into town this week. They've already been such a big help, and I'm so excited to celebrate with them this week and on Saturday. It really is a full weekend of celebration. Thursday night we're having our big launch party for the show at MegMade. We're going to have a few really awesome vendors, some good food, a giveaway and lots of great company. We really couldn't have done it without all the people who have supported us over the years, so I'm so excited that everyone will be able to take part in the celebration. 

I already know the day of the 30th is going to feel surreal. This has been five years in the making for Joe and I. Although we've been preparing so much for this day, I think there are always going to be a million more things you wish you could get done beforehand. You're never going to feel like you're completely ready for a big change, so I'm just saying Jesus take the wheel and enjoying the ride! If you see me on Saturday, pinch me (and check my pulse)! 

This week is going to be a crazy week, but Joe and I are SO excited for y'all to watch the season and see all the hard work and love we put into it. There are times we laughed so hard from all the random things Joe did on set, times we cried from the stories of each family's personal stories and mementos that they shared, but overall we just had so much fun creating this show. We hope that comes through when you tune in! 

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