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With the craziness of filming for a T.V. show, running a business, running to sports practices and everything in between, Joe and I made a promise to ourselves that before the show aired we would plan something really special with our boys and our au pair who's like family. We've have really never taken an extended vacation like this since we've opened the store, but now that we have such an amazing team behind us we've finally felt like we could without coming back to madness! The feeling of really unwinding, recharging and spending some quality time with the kiddos is such a blessing and one we'll never forget. 

To do that we partnered with Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa (click HERE to check out their website) and GUYS this place is absolutely gorgeous. I've loved that it's super family friendly and has helped us plan the vacation of our dreams. From the beautiful beaches to the awesome excursions the resort helps you book, I couldn't recommend this place enough! This place has seriously become our home away from home in a matter of days. We're soaking it all in and loving every second of it. Our boys have decided we're just going to live here every January through March (wouldn't that be nice?!!). 

We're so thankful for everyone who has supported us on our journey and can't wait to share some SUPER exciting news when we get back. It really is a blessing for us to be able to recharge and come back ready to make this business even better for y'all. Until then, follow us on Instagram @MegMade to see what we're up to and even more photos of our family vacation! 

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