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​I've always felt like Valentine's Day - the whole month of February actually - was about so much more than just showing how much you love your significant other. This these last two years have been hard for so many people, and in times like these, it's more important than ever to show ALL the people you love how much you care. Here at MegMade, we've always been about going the extra mile to show people kindness and love. Whether it's your immediate family, the friends that have kept you company on the phone during our months indoors, or the neighbor who always watches out for you - this is the month to show them how much you appreciate them!! I put a little gift guide together for him, for her and for all the galentines in your life! 

For Him 

No. 1 -- Knife Sets 

I got these Cutco knives for Joe last year and he constantly says their his favorite gift he's ever gotten! On the pricier side, but lasts for YEARS and an amazing investment. Click HERE to shop! 

No. 2 -- Sphere Ice Cube Mold 

To go with your whiskey glasses, these are so fun! Click HERE to shop!  

No. 3 -- Airpod Pros

Joe uses his Airpod pros everyday! They're a great tech gift to give. Click HERE to shop! 

No. 4 -- Everyday Long Sleeve 

These Bonobos long sleeves are Joe's go-tos. Perfect for dressing up or down! Click HERE to shop!

No. 5 -- Portable Blender 

Thought this blender was such a cool concept. Joe and I have a few friends that put their ingredients in the BlendJet and make their smoothies after the gym! Click HERE to shop! 

No. 6 -- Filson Vest 

Joe is OBSESSED with these vests -- he has it in a few different colors! Great to wear throughout the spring, winter and fall seasons. This piece is a staple in his closet! Click HERE to shop! 

No. 7 -- Yeti Soft Shell Cooler Bag 

Amazing for on-the-go. Especially during the summer, we'll be using this all the time! Click HERE to shop! 

No. 8 -- Freezable Whiskey Glasses 

Such fun glasses for when you're enjoying time with friends at the house. The guys LOVE these, and they're super affordable! Click HERE to shop! 

No. 9 -- Blundstone Boots 

These shoes are another staple in Joe's closet. They elevate your outfit but are super comfortable and great in the snow and rain! Click HERE to shop! 

No. 10 -- Sonos Speaker 

We have Sonos speakers all throughout our house and throughout MegMade! They're great quality and last forever. Click HERE to shop! 

No. 11 -- Bart Cart 

Who doesn't love a bar cart? Right now we have the PERFECT one! Click HERE to shop!  


For Her 

 No. 1 -- Agolde Jeans 

These jeans are my absolute favorites! I wear them all the time. They're super flattering, comfortable and look great with any look! Click HERE to shop! 

No. 2 -- Santal 33

This perfume smells AMAZING. I can't get enough! Click HERE to shop! 

No. 3 -- The Adventure Book 

This book is SO fun. It has things to do for couples weather it's new experiences to try together, things to talk about, or date ideas! Click HERE to shop! 

No. 4 -- Dyson Hair Dryer 

I don't have the Dyson, but SO many of my friends talk about it or have it on their lists! I've heard so many great things about it and want to try it out for myself. Click HERE to shop! 

No. 5 -- Mark & Graham Suitcase 

I JUST bought this Mark & Graham suitcase yesterday for spring break & I'm so excited to get it in. It's great quality and I love that it looks different from the others at the airport. Plus, it's monogrammed (who doesn't love a good monogram moment?!). Click HERE to shop!

No. 6 -- Pajama Set  

This is one of the comfiest pajama sets ever! If you're looking for a light-weight pajama set that are still super cute -- these are for you. Click HERE to shop! 

No. 7 -- JCrew Cashmere Sweater 

This cashmere sweater is so versatile -- I love it! You can style it with jeans, with some fun leather pants or even with joggers. Click HERE to shop! 

No. 8 -- Yaha Art 

Our au pair makes AMAZING art, and they're the perfect gifts! Nothing shows someone show special they are to you like one-of-a-kind art. Click HERE to shop! 

No. 9 -- Fem Rosa Pot 

You can never have too much decor! I love our Fem Rosa Pot to style with your favorite plant. Click HERE to shop! 

No. 10 -- Milwaukee Nail Gun 

For when your husband says he's going to get to a project and never does -- do it yourself! This tool is a staple in our home and at MegMade. Once you have the right tools, it's so easy to accomplish DIYs. Click HERE to shop! 

No. 11 -- Gola Sneakers 

I have so many pairs of Gola Sneakers and I LOVE them. You can pair them with anything, which is perfect for when I'm running out the door and don't have time to think about it. Click HERE to shop!  

No. 12-- Towels 

These towels are super absorbent yet still so soft. Click HERE to shop! 

For Your Galentine 

No. 1 -- Imperfect Heart Sweatshirt 

This is one of my favorite sweatshirts I own, and the message just makes it even better. Click HERE to shop! 

No. 2 -- Laneige Lip Mask 

I am obsessed with this stuff -- especially in this winter weather. Click HERE to shop! 

No. 3 -- Slip Pillowcase 

I've been trying to pay more attention to my skin and hair in 2022. Silk pillowcases are great for both while you're sleeping! Click HERE to shop!

No. 4 -- First Love Pot 

I think this pot is so cute to give as a gift! It's colorful and the perfect thing to give for Valentine's Day. Click HERE to shop! 

No. 5 -- Puff Sleeve Sweater 

I think this sweater is so cute and flattering! I have this one and wear it all the time. Definitely recommend!! Click HERE to shop. 

No. 6 -- Monogrammed Mug 

Again... who doesn't love monogrammed things?! I love Anthro's mugs -- they're the perfect gift to give. Click HERE to shop!

No. 7 -- Lululemon Everyone Belt Bag

This bag is a staple. Once you put it on you never want to change purses again! Click HERE to shop. 

No. 8 -- Louie Wall Mount 

Everyone is OBSESSED with our wall mounts, and so am I! They're so cute and such a fun gift to give! Click HERE to shop! 

No. 9 -- Cheeseboard 

This cheeseboard will get awesome use out of it. It's super cute and great to use when entertaining! Click HERE to shop. 

No. 10 -- Jewelry Cleaner 

This on-the-go jewelry cleaner is perfect to put in your purse. Click HERE to shop!

No. 11 -- Yaha Art 

Our au pair makes AMAZING art, and they're the perfect gifts! Nothing shows someone show special they are to you like one-of-a-kind art. Click HERE to shop! 

No. 12 -- Ipsy Subscription Service 

I thought this was a really fun idea for a gift! Every month you get different goodies like skin, hair and nail products. Click HERE to shop! 

No. 13 -- Birkenstocks 

I wear my Birks ALL the time. They're so easy to slip on and run out the door and they're super comfy. Click HERE to shop! 

I hope this list helped you think of some fun and special gifts to buy the ones you love! Like this blog? Read our other blogs like MEGMADE'S WORD OF THE YEAR: INSPIRE. Click HERE to read! 


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