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Even though it snowed yesterday here in Chicago, Spring Break is right around the corner! With filming and the store this past year, Joe and I are super excited to spend some real quality time with our boys. Our entire family is SO excited to spend the week in Maui, HI, so I've really been intentional about making sure I have everything that we need for the trip. Most of the time though, I pack last minute. Here is a list of what I'm packing this Spring Break: 

No. 1 -- SuperGoop Sunscreen

Especially when I haven't been around the hot sun in a while, I always have to be careful to make sure I'm applying sunscreen regularly. So many people have told me about SuperGoop as an everyday face sunscreen, so I bought it for the trip to try! Click HERE to shop!

No. 2 -- Flip Flops

I thought these flip flops were absolutely adorable, but still a really comfortable material. Perfect for walking on the beach or around for dinner, and they're on sale! Click HERE to shop.

No. 3 -- Portable Charger

When you're out and about for the day, it's so important to make sure you have a way to keep your phone charged. This charger lasts 2 or 3 charges and is perfect for slipping into your purse. Click HERE to shop!

No. 4 -- Halter Dress

This halter dress is ADORABLE as a coverup. When I saw it, I knew I had to have it. Really great material and so cute on! Click HERE to shop.

No. 5 -- Swim Suit

I've been looking for a good bathing suit for the summer & I think this one is is! It's flattering, comes in a few really cute colors and is perfect for the beach. Click HERE to shop!

No. 6 -- Mark & Graham Suitcase

I bought this suitcase a month ago and have already taken it on a few trips -- it's amazing! I love the monogrammed detailing, and the quality is amazing. Click HERE to shop.

No. 7 -- Isle Of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops

I always like to start vacation with a base layer of tan, whether it's real or not people will never know! I have been using these tanning drops for a while now. Just add them to your moisturizer or lotion and you're good to go! Click HERE to shop.

No. 8 -- Monogrammed Towels For Kids

When we're going on a trip, we always like to get the boys excited by buying them something special to remember it by. We got these monogrammed towels for the beach, and they're so excited! These are so excited, and I love that you can really customize them and make them yours. Click HERE to shop one of my favorites. 

No. 9 -- Waterproof Birkenstocks

I wear these Birkenstocks all the time. I love that they're waterproof, so perfect for vacations by the beach and all throughout the summer. Click HERE to shop.

No. 10 -- Waterproof Phone

I know most IPhones are semi-waterproof now, but these are always good to have just incase! Just stick your phone in them and they seal out moisture, sand, etc. Click HERE to shop.

No. 11 -- Austin & Fowler Bag 

This bag is coming in the mail before my trip & I am SO excited. It's perfect for the airport and is going to be a lifesaver carrying all the boys gadgets and who knows what else! Click HERE to shop. 

I hope this list helped you prepare for your next trip -- wherever that may be! Packing last minute can always feel overwhelming, but if you start thinking about it in advance, it can be really fun! 

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