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For so many people, your powder room is usually the last on your list when it comes to taking time to design and style your home. Creating and/or updating your powder room design may seem like a big job to do yourself, but there are so many small and affordable tweaks that can be done as a "weekend project"! Click HERE to download our free wallpaper and furniture restoration guide & checklists!

Here are a few tips and tricks to update your home office along with some inspo photos to help get some ideas flowing:

Add Wallpaper 

Adding wallpaper is a super easy way to completely change your space and make it fun! Since a powder bathroom is such a small space, it's the best place to test out your creativity and go bold! Peel and stick is great for places like a bedroom or a powder room -- anywhere where you're looking for a fun pop of color and pattern with the ease of putting up wallpaper yourself. The best part about it? It has a smooth, self-adhesive backing, which allows for paste-free application and easy removal! Especially in a powder bathroom, I wouldn't say it would take more than an hour or two. Click HERE to shop our MegMade wallpaper line! 

Click HERE to download our peel and stick wallpaper guide and checklist! 

Paint Your Vanity 

Source: Two Hands Interiors Instagram

Need an upgrade from the dated bathroom vanity that came with your home? Give it a quick revamp using our DIY Furniture Paint! Here at MegMade, we've made the painting transformation process as easy as it gets. Our MegMade DIY Furniture Paint allows you to repaint any piece with little prep and absolutely no priming! If painting isn’t for you, we also sell stain that can serve as a complete restore for any of those pieces that have just gotten beat up over the years! Click HERE to shop our MegMade Furniture Paint. 

Switch Out Your Fixtures 

Source: Plain And Posh Instagram 

Switching out your light fixtures, faucets, etc. is a super easy way to make your powder bathroom feel brand new. When Joe and I moved into our current house, we switched out all the old hardware and fixtures in all the bathrooms to add those small updates before we are ready to completely redo our other bathrooms! The best part? All it takes are the fixtures, some screws and a drill!

Add A New Mirror 

Source: Kelly Hurliman Design Instagram

Another easy weekend trip to revamp your powder bathroom? Find a fun new mirror to transform the space! Make sure you go fun with it. If you're keeping the room plan simple, adding a fun mirror is the perfect way to spice up your powder bathroom to help it fit your style.

I hope this gives you a few simple yet effective ways to hit reset on your powder bathroom all in one weekend! Now that you've read our tips -- Click HERE to download our free wallpaper and furniture restoration guide & checklists to help you do it yourself! If you try it out -- I would love to see the end result! Send us photos by tagging us on Instagram and Facebook at @MegMade. 

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