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Summer 2023: A Piercy Life Update

Summer 2023 was one to remember for the Piercy family! I think all of us really grew in our own ways but also as a family. It's so fun to go back through your photos from a season and remember the memories you made or even the funny pictures that you snapped that are attached to a moment you forgot about. I decided it would be fun to document and share our family's summer memories and give you all a little bit of a life update. It's hard to believe, but a lot has changed since the last time I shared! 

Our Family Vacation

This family vacation was one that our family will look back and remember for a long long time. I took the boys and Joe to Waterford, Connecticut, where I spent a ton of my summers as a kid. There's something so amazing about showing your kids places and things you used to love growing up. We made a little road trip out of it and hit other spots along the way like New Port, Mystic and Watch Hill. My parents came and met us halfway through the trip, our best friends came with us, and we left the trip with a sense of renewel that we needed! 

Joe's 40th Birthday

After this year is over, both Joe and I will be the big 4-0! Joe turned 40 this August, and we did another QUICK trip to Mexico just the two of us to celebrate. The perks of having a business and getting travel points! It was one of the most beautiful hotels Joe and I have ever been to. Our family trip gave us quality time as a family, but this long weekend as a couple really gave us time to relax and recharge. 

Our Chicago Showroom Renovation

This summer, we decided to give our Chicago showroom a revamp. We love the character that the showroom has, but it was ready for a facelift! As we expand our offerings and have experience opening up a second location, we wanted to give ourselves more showroom space, add a lighting section and drywall one of our brick walls (we love the brick, but it sheds!). Stop by and see the transformation in-person! We're open from 10 am to 5 pm Tues-Satuday. 

New School

The start of the school year really feels like the end of summer to me. It's crazy to think that my boys have been back in school for weeks now! We transferred our two oldest to a new school that they LOVE, and we're so grateful for how loving and amazing the teachers and school as a whole has been to make the transition seamless. As a working mom, it makes it so much easier to leave your kiddos when you know they're SO well taken care of. Plus, it feels amazing to get back on a schedule!

We're so excited for the adventures that comes with fall and the holidays (which will be here before you know it!). More things coming to MegMade soon that we are SO excited about. Stay tuned, my blog next week will feature a project near and dear to my heart: MY KITCHEN RENOVATION!

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