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If I could have a superpower, it would be to be able to transform any room to the design I have in my mind in the blink of an eye (flying would be cool too, though). We have tons of clients we are helping to transform their whole homes. Especially when you first move, it might be more realistic that you'll need to buy in phases. Sometimes there are small fixes, that don't cost a ton, that can help transform your space for the time being! Here are some of my tips to save on costs when transforming: 


A few coats of paint can make ALL the difference in the world, especially if you just moved in and the previous owners' choices were questionable (this happened to Joe and I)! If you don't yet have a vision for the space, going with a neutral but timeless color is the way to go. It will brighten up the space and leave room to be fun through the furniture! 

use leftover WALLPAPER

Have any leftover wallpaper from other projects? Use what's leftover to get creative with smaller areas such as behind shelves in a bookcase, framed as a piece of art above a couch or even inside drawers for a fun pop of fun! It will cost nothing extra besides some glue, but you'll feel good knowing you utilized your scraps and added some creativity to your other projects. 

Rearrange your furntiure

Sometimes changing your perspective on the layout of your furniture can make a world of a difference, and it's free! Especially if you've been living in a house for years and years, the layout of your furniture can feel stale. Switch the couch around with the chairs, move your decor around the house into new rooms and try a new orientation for a fresh feel. 

Create a cohesive gallery wall

If you're anything like my family, you probably have tons of momentos that you've kept over the years that can be transformed and mixed and matched into a gallery that has a lot of meaning to your family. I like to use all different shapes, sizes, and frame types to create a really unique gallery wall. You can get great frames from vintage shops or even from Amazon for a reasonable price! 

cut out clutter

Another affordable option to transform your space without the cost? Declutter! Over time (especially with kids), things find their way into rooms that don't need to be there. Open up your space by decluttering and starting with a fresh slate. 

repaint a piece of furniture

Have an old piece that could use some love? Repaint a piece with our DIY furniture paint for a revamp at a fraction of the price. Instead of buying a completely new piece, there are so many ways to reimagine the piece you already have, whether it's through it's color, hardware, sheen, or other customizations! 

Some of my favorite paint colors: 

buy some new pillows for your space

Throw pillows can add different colors, patterns and textures to your space and aren't a big purchase that cost a ton of $$$. Have a neutral room you want to spruce up? Add pops of colors through pillows! 

I added some of my favorite pillows we sell at the store below:  

Do a Little DIY

Joe and I have saved THOUSANDS over the years by DIYing opposed to paying a professional. Is it always the easiest? No, but it is SO worth it when it comes to saving money but still creating your dream space. Start small and build your confidence up to feel comfortable researching and building up to those bigger projects you've set your sights on. 

I hope these ideas sparked some inspiration for you and you are ready to start creating your dream space(s) in your home! We have so many 

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