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Especially during these times, everyone has spent more time at home than ever before in this past year. If you're anything like me, you've probably noticed a ton of different areas that you want to update or just plain redo. Don't know where to start? We can help! Here at MegMade, we offer three different design packages that can fit your needs for any redesign. Click HERE to see the packages we offer! Think one of these might be the right fit for you? Today I'm going to walk you through the steps we go through from start to finish with our interior design clients using the process we went through with our communication assistant, Kaylee's, room! 

Initial Questionnaire

As soon as someone inquires about our interior design services, we start by sending them a questionnaire to learn more about things such as: What room they want to redesign, what their personal design style is, what their budget is, etc. We also ask for pictures and measurements of your space as well as for furniture pieces you might want to keep in the room. From there, we can get a better idea of whether it's a project we can take on and will set up a call to further discuss. Here are a few examples of the questions we ask in our questionnaire: 

1. What would you describe your overall design style as?
2. What are your dreams/visions for this room?
3. What design selections are you needing? (Rug, lighting, furniture, reupholstery, drapery, etc.)
4. What things are you wanting to keep in your space?
5. What colors do you lean towards?
6. How are you with patterns? Ex: I love geometric (hard/distinct patterns) more than floral/organic shapes

Initial Design Call 

During this call, we will get a little more in-depth about details for the space, clear up any questions we have from your answers in the questionnaire, and hammer out the details of things like budget, timeline, etc. 

Design Proposal 

Once we finalize all the details, we will send you a design proposal for the both of us to outline all the details, timelines, and budgets that we will be going by for your design! Click HERE to see the an example of what the design proposal document would look like! 

Design Presentation 

Now comes the fun part! Once we have everything we need (like measurements and photos) we will create an AutoCAD rendering of your space(s) and start making selections. During our design presentation, we'll present both a mood board as well as a room layout and talk through all of our selections as well as their cost in an itemized price list. This design presentation is not the end all be all - here we are moreso looking for a conversation to make sure we're going in the right direction! We want your feedback as well as a chance to explain why we think certain layouts and selections would be best for your space and situation! From here, we'll send you the presentation as well as the price list for you to process the design in the room you're redesigning. From there, if there are any things you're unsure about, we go into the next phase - making revisions! 


With almost any design, there are always room for improvements. No one knows what you'll use your space for better than you! In the case of Kaylee's room, we ended up switching her dresser out for a bigger one that would give her more space and fill the width of her wall more. We also chose different sconces that provided more light, since her apartment doesn't have overhead lighting! There is nothing wrong with making some revisions to the original design board, and don't worry - we won't be offended! We want you to fall in love with your new space, and any tweaks we can make to get you there is a win for us! Once we talk through your initial design boards, we can identify a few things you might want to see more options on and get those over to you within the next few days after our initial presentation. Once you've picked some other options that you love, it's time to move into the next phase! 


As soon as we've finalize your design, we will put together an invoice for all of the selections for you to see an itemized list with any discounts that may be included in the package you purchased. As I'm sure you've heard, things have been tricky as far as stock goes on so many things in the home design world, but we'll work with you to make sure we're choosing things that are in stock or are set to be available within a reasonable timeframe. However, right now we always encourage trying to make decisions quickly because something in stock one week might be backordered til July the next! Once your selections have been purchased, we will move forward with all the ordering and get to the most difficult part - waiting for all of it to come in! 

Final Reveal!! 

Then comes the best part - the final reveal of the room and selections put together!! As things start to trickle in, we will coordinate delivery with you to get it all into your space. It's always so rewarding to see everything come together. We hope you love this design style and process as much as we do! If you have a room you'd like to work with us on, email us at design@megmade.com to get the process going. We look forward to helping you create a home like no other! Here is some information on some of the selections we made for this design: 

Wallpaper: This peel and stick wallpaper is from our MegMade wallpaper line! It's our Spot On wallpaper, and it's one of our most popular styles and color ways. Click HERE to shop! 

Rug: This rug is another favorite, and one that looks absolutely amazing with our Spot On wallpaper. It's our Mackay Wool Area Rug. Click HERE to shop the Mackay! 

Headboard: This headboard was custom made at MegMade, and you can get one just like it! We have an upholsterer on staff that can create a headboard with any dimensions and styles in mind. Pick out any fabric under the sun & we can create the headboard of your dreams. Interested in a custom headboard? Email us at hello@megmade.com and we'll send you more information! 

Throw pillows: I LOVE going with custom pillows. They completely elevate a room, especially because you're able to perfectly curate them to complement the rest of your design. Both the euros and lumbar pillows are custom, and I think they add the perfect amount of texture and complementary color and pattern to the room. If you're interested in creating custom pillows, contact us! 

Sconces: These sconces are amazing and are great for any room. They're our Riley Glass Shade Sconces, and they provide the perfect amount of light and ambiance to get end your day with a good book or some calming light. Click HERE to shop our Riley sconces! 

Nightstands: These traditional nightstands were already in great shape - all we needed was to give them a little bit of love and they were good to go! We had them restored onsite. Looking for nightstands? Check out our nightstand inventory by clicking HERE

Dresser: This is one of my absolute favorite dressers to get in our inventory. It's simple but gorgeous design fits perfectly with almost any design style - not to mention it has the best storage! We went with our in-house color, Marseilles, with the brass accents the original piece already had. I don't think it could have possibly turned out any better! 

Mirror: This is a mirror that Kaylee already owned from Amazon. Its simple design worked with the room and was perfect for being able to try on clothes!

Chair: This is a vintage chair that we reupholstered the cushion on here at MegMade. We've had this in the show room as our baby for years, but it found its new home as the perfect accent to complement Kaylee's design. Interested in reupholstering with us? Email us at hello@megmade.com for more information. 

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